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Traffic signs reduction taskforce

4th September 2015

Road humps sign

Alan Duncan has been appointed to oversee a taskforce to 'obliterate pointless road signs'. It all sounds a bit Bruce Willis, but is it necessary, and are there some new road signs (such as a cyclists passing distance sign) which should be introduced? Read about the traffic signs reduction taskforce...

Cycle to Work Day events around the country

2nd September 2015

Cycle to Work Day logo

It's Cycle to Work Day tomorrow, Thursday 3rd September. Whose idea was Cycle to Work Day? More importantly, what events are going on around the country, and where can you get a free breakfast? Read about Cycle to Work Day events around the country...

Northern Ireland publishes Bicycle Strategy

31st August 2015

Cycle infrastructure

Northern Ireland has published an enlightened, sensible, reasonably ambitious bicycle strategy for the next 25 years. Minister for Regional Development Danny Kennedy has identified the benefits to the community and local economy of bike travel, and has set targets for the percentage of short journeys to be made by bike, by 2025 and by 2040. There's a plan for how to achieve them, although the funding is not in place. Read about a bicycle strategy for Northern Ireland...

Five fascinating facts about Tom Dumoulin

27th August 2015

Tom Dumoulin at Utrecht time trial

Dutch rider Tom Dumoulin yesterday took the overall lead of the Vuelta a Espana. A time trial specialist who may also be a future GC contender, he is rapidly becoming a star of road cycling. In case you don't know too much about him, here are five facts about Tom Dumoulin...

Hedge-blog: Londoners waste 96 hours a year in traffic

25th August 2015

Queueing traffic in London

Londoners wasted an average of 96 hours stuck in traffic in 2014, making our capital city the European Congestion Champion. 96 hours is 4 days! The Hedge-blog wonders, what else could you do with 96 hours if you didn't spend them in a jam? Read Londoners waste 96 hours a year in traffic...

Hedge-blog: anti-cycling letter to Yorkshire Post

23rd August 2015

The Yorkshire Post today published an anti-cycling letter, calling for amateur cycle races to be banned from public roads, but with a litany of more general complaints about road cyclists. Read more about anti-cycling letter to the Yorkshire Post...

Royal Parks agree to east-west cycle superhighway

21st August 2015

Proposed section of cycle superhighway, Spur Rd

The Mayor, TfL, and the Royal Parks have reached agreement on the section of the east-west cycle superhighway which passes through St James's and Green Parks. This breakthrough allays fears that there would be a gap in the segregated route. Read about Royal Parks agree to east-west cycle superhighway...

New Hedgehog guide: York to Beningbrough cycle route

20th August 2015

Beningbrough Hall

There's a great cycle route from the centre of York to Beningbrough, partly on tarmacked path by the river Ouse, and partly on quiet roads. It ends up at Beningbrough Hall, an C18th National Trust property (where cyclists are entitled to a free cup of tea). Read HedgehogCycling's new guide to the York to Beningbrough cycle route...

UK Cycling news

The latest cycling news from around the UK.

Side by Side video on riding two abreast

14th August 2015

Carlton Reid has released the video 'Side by Side', which explains why cyclists sometimes ride two abreast. This is the follow-up to 'How to Overtake Cyclists' pubslished earlier this week. Read about and watch Side by Side...

Leeds & Liverpool canal, Shipley to Leeds towpath upgrade

12th August 2015

The Rodley Barge, on the Leeds & Liverpool canal

The re-surfacing of the Leeds & Liverpool canal towpath from Shipley to Leeds, part of the Cycle City Connect project, is complete - or phase 1 of it is nearly complete, at least. I rode the full route yesterday to check it out and see what it's like. Read about the Leeds & Liverpool canal, Shipley to Leeds towpath upgrade. Do you use this route? What do you think of it?

New How to Overtake Cyclists video

10th August 2015

A new video, How to Overtake Cyclists, has been released today. Produced by Carlton Reid, and presented by Chris Boardman, the video shows how to apply rule 163 of the Highway Code, and give cyclists plenty of room when overtaking. Read about and watch Carlton Reid's How to Overtake Cyclists video...

European Cycling news

Controversial Dutch team selection for World Championship road race

22nd August 2015

There's controversy in the Netherlands over the selection of their nine riders for the World Championship road race on 27th September in Richmond, USA. Star riders Gesink and Mollema are in the team as domestiques, to support Niki Terpstra, and Koen de Kort has been left out. Read more about controversial Dutch team selection for World Championship road race...

Sky rider Poels run off road by truck

11th August 2015

Poels' colleague Luke Rowe at the Tour de France

Sky rider Wout Poels was run off the road by a truck today during a training ride with fellow professional Reinier Honig in the Dutch province of Zuid-Limburg. They both tweeted about the incident, which they say was 100% deliberate, and involved a driver from Van Zaal Transport De Kwakel. Read more about Poels run off road by truck...

Cycling ideas from Utrecht

26th July 2015

Nachtegaal Straat, Utrecht

Utrecht is a cycle-friendly city, with good infrastructure for cycling, and a culture of cycling for short trips in and around the city. A large percentage of journeys in Utrecht are made by bike. What can we learn from Utrecht? For some answers, see HedgehogCycling's series of three 'cycling ideas from Utrecht' videos...

Harrogate Cycling

Beryl Burton cycleway

Our guide to cycling in Harrogate, with Harrogate cycling news, cycle routes, cycle clubs and websites.

Latest cycling rates, nationally and Harrogate and York

29th June 2015

Big Bike Bash Harrogate, family ride

Cycling rates remained static in the latest statistics published by the DfT, although 35 local authority areas showed significant increases. Harrogate's cycling rates are significantly above the national average, with more recreational than utility cyclists. Read more about the cycling rates, nationally and Harrogate and York...

Leeds & Liverpool canal towpath project at Skipton delayed

25th June 2015

Leeds & Liverpool canal near Bradley

A project to upgrade the canal towpath on the Leeds & Liverpool canal between Skipton and Bradley by laying an all-weather surface has been delayed. The work was due to begin in April, but will not now start until the autumn. Read the latest on the Leeds & Liverpool canal towpath project at Skipton...

Harrogate Big Bike Bash report

22nd June 2015

Criterium race at Harrogate Big Bike Bash

Harrogate Big Bike Bash on the weekend of 20th & 21st June 2015 was a success. Large numbers of local people turned out to visit the event village and take part in Ride the Route on closed roads in the town centre. Saturday evening culminated in Criterium races. Read more about the Harrogate Big Bike Bash 2015 (report)...

Harrogate Cycling Delivery Plan consultation

11th June 2015

Cycle signs in Harrogate

Consultation on Harrogate's draft Cycling Delivery Plan. The plan, launched in March, contains a list of proposed schemes to improve cycling infrastructure in Harrogate & district. Read more about the Harrogate cycling delivery plan...

Harrogate cycle routes

This section has information on cycle routes in Harrogate. This includes cycleways, town centre cycle lanes, and on-road routes.

Nidderdale Greenway

Nidderdale Greenway

The best and most popular cycleway in Harrogate, the Nidderdale Greenway goes about 4 miles to Ripley, using the trackbed of a disused railway. It opened in May 2013.

Beryl Burton cycleway

Beryl Burton cycleway

The Beryl Burton cycleway is an off-road cycle route from Bilton Village Farm to the Nidd at High Bridge, Knaresborough.

We also have a guide to the new (in Spring 2014) Great Yorkshire Showground Greenway.

Harrogate town centre cycle routes

Cycle lane, East Parade, Harrogate

We look at some of the cycling infrastructure in and around the town centre of Harrogate. There are maps and photos, and some suggestions for improvements. The latest review is of Otley Rd.

On-road cycle route from Harrogate to High Grantley

26th August 2014


A suggested on-road bike route from Harrogate to High Grantley, and to the moorland beyond, which looks stunning at this time of year. Read about a suggested High Grantley bike route...

Fewston, Beecroft, & Timble bike trail

2nd August 2014

Bike trail in Timble woods

Our guide to the bike trail on Yorkshire Water's land at Fewston reservoir, through the Beecroft Plantation and Timble woods. Read about the Fewston, Beecroft, & Timble woods bike trail...

Read more about cycling in Harrogate...



The latest comment and opinion on everything bike-related from the Hedge-blog.

Which are the best chain cleaner kits?

18th August 2015

LifeLine chain cleaning kit

I've always cleaned my bike chain with bike cleaner and a brush, but I wondered whether I should use a chain cleaner kit with a special chain cleaning device. What kits are available, how much are they, and what do people think of them? Read which are the best chain cleaner kits?

Mercedes driver shaving at the wheel - I wasn't impressed, and I didn't buy the company

16th August 2015

I've seen plenty of people messing around with their phones at the traffic lights or while driving along, but this was a new one on me: the driver of a silver compact Mercedes shaving his chin with an electric shaver at the traffic lights. I wasn't impressed and I didn't buy the company...

Hedge-blog: 5 Live Daily cycling debate with Carlton Reid & Mr Loophole

10th August 2015

Adrian Chiles hosted a debate on cycling on this morning's 5 Live Daily, following the 'clown takes a pratfall' video. Carlton Reid and Mr Loophole were the invited guests. How did it go? I listened, so that you don't have to! Read about 5 Live Daily cycling debate with Carlton Reid and Mr Loophole...

Hedge-blog: Northern Rail's bike policy

9th August 2015

Steam train

Northern Rail only take two bikes per train, or none at all if the conductor decides the train is too busy. That means it's impossible to plan to take your bike on a train. Is this reasonable? How does their policy compare with other train companies? Read about Northern Rail's bike policy...

Hedge-blog: broken spokes and what to do about them

8th August 2015

Spoke wrench

As I was absorbed in a bike ride in the countryside, the 'ping' of a spoke broke my flow. A front wheel spoke had broken. Why do spokes break, what should you do on the roadside, and how do you replace a broken spoke if you decide to do it yourself? Read about broken spokes and what to do about them...

Hedge-blog: driver attitudes in Utrecht and Harrogate

31st July 2015

Cyclist in Utrecht

I recently cycled in Utrecht, then this week, in Harrogate town centre between 5 and 6pm. The difference in driver attitudes was striking, with Harrogate's drivers in 'warrior' mode, and determined to get past immediately, regardless of safety and the Highway Code. Read more about driver attitudes in Utrecht and Harrogate...

Hedge-blog: painted 'no cycling' signs on the Stray

22nd July 2015

No cycling sign painted on path across Stray, Harrogate

The timing was unfortunate. It was almost exactly a year after the Tour de France in Harrogate that the council painted huge 'no cycling' signs onto paths across the Stray. Why did they do it? Read about the painted 'no cycling' signs on the Stray...

Hedgehog Guides

York to Selby cycle route

3rd August 2015

York to Selby cycle route, near Terry's factory

HedgehogCycling's latest guide is to the York to Selby cycle route, including 'cycle the solar system'. This is a quality route, mainly on a tarmacked path on an old railway track bed, and is perfect for family cycling. Read our guide (with video and photos) to the York to Selby cycle route...

Tour de France 2014 in the UK

Cyclist on Buttertubs pass

This was our guide to the Tour de France 2014 in Yorkshire, Cambridge, Essex, and London. There are route guides, videos, details of the climbs, and news of the preparations and events which were going on at the time along the route of Stages 1, 2, and 3.