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Anti-Tour de France in Harrogate letter

1st May 2014

Royal Baths, Harrogate

The Harrogate Advertiser yesterday published a reader's letter complaining about the Tour de France, saying that 'this level of disruption is totally unacceptable'. 

P Michel, of Petty Whin Close, wrote, 'There are be [sic] tens of thousands of residents who have no interest in this race and are having it forced onto their lives against their will, not just for a few hours but with weeks of turmoil before and after and four days of mayhem as its climax. The quality of people's lives, their rights and their personal liberty, have not, and never were a consideration in the planning of this event, a disgraceful dismissive attitude towards the ordinary population of the borough.'

Michel also wrote: 'Let me send a plain message to Le Tour from the silent majority of Harrogate residents, 'you are not welcome in this town in these numbers.''

However, it seems that his assumption that he is speaking for the 'silent majority' is misplaced. There was little support for his views in the comments below the line. Mikey D captured the mood, when he wrote, 'In all my years of reading short-sighted and selfish letters in this newspaper, this particular piece of nonsense surely ranks as the most ridiculous. Irrespective of any individual's interest in cycling, surely the ongoing benefit to the town and region (in tourism especially, which is one of our greatest 'exports') far outweighs any minor inconvenience that may be caused to individuals.'

In a blunter reply, nineseven said, 'Ha haha haha hahaha hahaha.....oh you were serious?'

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