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Tour de France in Barnsley

Woodhead Reservoir

Stage 2 of the Tour de France 2014 crosses into Barnsley Metropolitan Borough at Salter's Brook Bridge, shortly after passing the Woodhead Reservoir, and does a few miles along the A628 and A616 to Langsett, before leaving the Borough at Midhopestones. (The riders then tackle the Côte de Midhopestones climb).

Tour de France in Barnsley: road closures

Visit Barnsley's Tour de France section says that the race route will be closed from midnight on Saturday 5th July 2014, and open again late on the evening of Sunday 6th. Also closed will be Mortimer Road, Gilbert Hill, and Windle Edge.

Tour de France in Barnsley: parking

Roadside parking on the route will be forbidden, and if necessary, cars will be towed away. There'll be a total of 30,000 car parking spaces in seven car parks. They are shown on Visit Barnsley's interactive map (just tick 'car parking' to see them). Some of the nearest ones to the race route are Windleden Farm (near Windleden Reservoirs), Ranah Stones Farm, and Daisy Hill Farm (both near the Flouch roundabout).

Tour de France in Barnsley: race timings

The caravan should get to the Woodhead Reservoir in Derbyshire at 1.19pm on Sunday 6th July 2014, with the riders passing that point between 2.56 and 3.19pm. They'll cross Salter's Brook Bridge shortly afterwards. 

The caravan is due at the Flouch roundabout (A628/A616 junction) at 1.39pm, with the riders arriving between 3.13 and 3.39pm.

See the full timings for Stage 2 of the 2014 Tour de France.

Tour de France in Barnsley: where to watch the race

Visit Barnsley say that you can stand anywhere along the route, but identify the Dog & Partridge (on the A628 before Flouch roundabout), Flouch (which has a Balti House), Langsett, and Midhopestones as key places.

Tour de France in Barnsley: where to stay

Mustard Pot, Midhopestones

Visit Barnsley has a list of hotels, guesthouses and B&Bs, self-catering accommodation, and campsites. 

Of the hotels listed, the Dog & Partridge is right on the route; the Waggon & Horses at Langsett and the Mustard Pot at Midhopestones are pubs/guesthouses on the Tour route; Lazy Daisy's self-catering cottages are very close to the route at the Flouch roundabout; and Thurlmoor Camping & Caravan site is conveniently located just north of the race route as it approaches Flouch roundabout. 

Right by Flouch roundabout will be Langsett le Hub Tour de France Festival & Camping. You can camp for up to 4 nights (the nights from Thursday 3rd to Sunday 6th July 2014). There's also parking, a food village, a beer festival, and live music.

Tour de France in Barnsley: events

Visit Barnsley lists a number of Tour de France-related events:

  • 1st May to 30th June: willow sculpture installation in the town centre
  • 17th May to 12th July: Bike Show, Barnsley Civic
  • 26th to 28th May: Barnsley Goes French - performances and activities for half term in the town centre
  • 26th May: TDF Treasure Hunt - treasure hunt led by puppets, starting at Worsbrough Mill. 11 -1 and 2-4pm
  • 23rd June to 6th July: Site specific land art to animate the Tour de France
  • 23rd June to 6th July: Willow figure installation on the Trans Pennine Trail, near the TDF route
  • 3rd to 5th July: Continental Market, town centre

Tour de France in Barnsley: map

This map shows the Tour route in Barnsley Metropolitan Borough:

Map of Tour de France route through Barnsley Borough

Tour de France in Barnsley: route video

This 'flyover' route video shows the Tour de France route from the top of Holme Moss, down to the Woodhead Reservoir, then into Barnsley Borough, through Langsett, and to Midhopestones: