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Cycling safety report from the Transport Select Committee

20th July 2014

Houses of Parliament, London

The House of Commons Select Committee on Transport published its report on Cycling Safety on 14th July 2014. We previously reported on some of the evidence sessions on 2nd December 2013 and 4th December 2013.

The report's summary says that it is clear that there is far more that can be done to improve the safety of our roads and to encourage people to cycle. 'Reducing the dangers faced by cyclists on the road - including poorly designed junctions, aggressive driving and unsegregated, narrow cycle lanes - will mean thinking about the kind of communities we want to live in. Our roads must be safe for all who want to use them, whether pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists or cars.'

Among the recommendations, the Committee said that the government should consider amending the Highway Code to promote cycle safety, when it is next revised.

The report also makes reference to the Prime Minister's stated ambition for a cycling revolution. This cannot be achieved by the DfT alone, and will need to coordinated work across government departments, according to the Committee. 

The members of the Committee also identified fragmented and sporadic sources of funding as a problem, as well as the current overall level of about £2 per head of population, which is too low. They recommend that the government publish the total budget for cycling each year, and that the spend should rise to £10 per head by 2020.

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