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Froome interview with Yorkshire Post

3rd June 2014

The Yorkshire Post interviewed Chris Froome (podcast in mp3 format) in Harrogate on the morning of Saturday 31st May 2014. He had reconnoitred Stage 1 with some teammates on Friday 30th May, and was due to ride the route of Stage 2 on Saturday. 

On the Yorkshire scenery, Froome said, 'We went and had a look at Stage 1 yesterday. I was blown away actually. I had no idea it was this beautiful. Absolutely stunning, breathtaking. I mean I could have been in the middle of Tuscany or somewhere.'

Froome also spoke of the welcome from Yorkshire people. 'It's been heart-warming. People have come over wishing us good luck everywhere we go. Myself and my teammates have been given a really warm welcome, wishing us all the best for July.'

On the challenge presented by the route of the Grand Départ, Froome said, 'It's going to be a tough start for us to the Tour, especially from Stage 1, Stage 2 of the Tour. I expected that it was going to be more designed to Cav, but after seeing it yesterday, I thought, well that's quite hard. It's hard to find a piece of flat road. Even for Cav I think it's going to be a tough start.'

Speaking about his own form, he said, 'If the figures in training are anything to go by, personally I'm in a very good place. I actually managed to beat a few of my personal records.'

Asked about Sky's new bike, Froome was enthusiastic. 'It's an extra little boost for us having a new bike that we feel is just another step up from the previous bikes we've had. I've been riding it for a few days now, but I'm really looking forward to racing on it.' 

Team Sky have produced a video of the Yorkshire recon:

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