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Cyclists killed or seriously injured in London increasing

13th January 2014

The rate of death or serious injury amongst cyclists in London is rising, according to Transport for London figures in its Travel in London Report 6. The number killed or seriously injured (KSI) per million journeys has risen as follows, according to the BBC website:

2.33 in 2009

2.37 in 2010

2.74 in 2011

3.17 in 2012

Chapter 5.2 of TfL's report, on p.89, deals with road safety. Fourteen cyclists were killed in 2012, compared with an average of 16.6 in the period 2005-09. Cyclist KSIs were 671 in 2012, compared with 571 in 2011, and an average of 420.6 in the period 2005-09. This means that the number of cyclists killed or seriously injured in 2012 was 60% higher than the 05-09 average. 

Vulnerable road users (walkers, cyclists, and motorcyclists) represented 80% of KSIs. Cyclists account for 2% of journeys in London, but 22% of KSIs. 

The report also reveals (chapter 3.11, p.43) that there has been a significant slowdown in the growth in cycling. There were 582,000 trips in 2012, a 1.8% increase on 2011. Growth in the previous year was 5.2%, and growth since 2002 is 80% altogether. The report blames the disappointing performance on bad weather and the pause in cycle infrastructure construction due to the Olympic Games. The 'aspiration' in the Mayor's Transport Strategy is for a fourfold increase in cycle trips by 2026. 

The London bicycle hire scheme has been used more. There were 9.5m hires in the year to March 2013, compared to 7.1m in the year to March 2012. This was partly due to the extension of the scheme, with more stations and more bikes.

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