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North Yorkshire cycle casualties 2013 and cycle safety campaign

26th April 2014

Let's look out for each other road safety poster

North Yorkshire cycle casualties 2013

North Yorkshire County Council ('NYCC') has published figures for collisions and casualties on the county's roads in 2013. The statistics come from reports filled out by police officers attending crashes, and they are supplied to local authorities and the DfT.

The overall number of collisions resulting in injuries, the total number of casualties, and the number of people seriously injured, were all down 4% in 2013 compared with 2012. However, the number of people killed was up 65%, to a total of 51 in 2013, from 31 in 2012.

52 cyclists were killed or seriously injured in North Yorkshire in 2013 (up from 47 the previous year). Of the 52, three were killed (up from 2 the previous year). There were also 49 pedestrians and 130 motorcyclists in the total of 476 people. The table below shows the number of KSIs by road user type:

Table of road users killed or seriously injured in North Yorkshire

The report notes that there is now 'a gradual but established upward trend in pedal cyclist casualties; this appears to have started in 2004, though it did see a drop in 2010.' It speculates that the increase may simply reflect the rising popularity of cycling. 

A news article on NYCC's website quoted County Councillor Gareth Dadd, who is executive member for road safety. He regretted the rise in the number of KSIs, and said, 'These figures underline the importance of all road users being constantly aware of their surroundings, of their speed, of their driving or riding behaviour, of the presence of others.'

Deputy Chief Constable Tim Madgwick said, 'The upcoming Grand Départ of the Tour de France will be a spectacular event for the Yorkshire area and we want everybody to have a lasting impression, particularly the expected influx of keen cyclists who will ride the routes before and after the race. To keep safe, we strongly encourage cyclists to make themselves fully familiar with the routes and to take every precaution before setting off on a ride.' 

Think! Bike cycle safety campaign in North Yorkshire

Meanwhile, NYCC yesterday reported the start of a cycle safety campaign in North Yorkshire.

Think! Bike posters will be going up around North Yorkshire in May and June, and the first is already displayed on a billboard in Harrogate. County Councillor Don Mackenzie said, 'This latest initiative aims to tackle the problem of driver error in road casualties involving cyclists and bikers.'