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SkyCycle route proposal announced

4th January 2014

Architect and keen cyclist Sir Norman Foster has announced plans to build a network of cycle paths above London's railway lines. The project is called SkyCycle, and is being put forward for consultation before a planning application.

The first phase would be 6.5km, from east London to Liverpool St Station, costing around £220m. Eventually, the network could be ten routes, totalling 219km/136mi. It would take 20 years to complete. The cost is less than for providing the equivalent length of new roads or tunnels. 

SkyCycle is a way of finding space in a congested city, and would provide 'a world class network of safe, car-free cycle routes that are ideally located for commuters,' according to Foster, reported by the BBC

Access to the elevated cycle routes would be via ramps at convenient points, and vertical hydraulic platforms at railway stations. It may not be a completely seamless cycling experience, but there would be about 200 access points. Pylons would be erected either side of the rail tracks, and they would support cycle tracks 15m wide, according to the Guardian's Architecture and Design Blog.

Network Rail supports the plans.

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