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Tour de France third readiness report

16th June 2014

TDF Hub 2014 Ltd has produced its third and final readiness report on preparations for the 2014 Tour de France. The Chairman of the company, Sir Rodney Walker, says in the report's foreword, 'With less than a month to go, we remain completely on track to host three incredible stages of the world's largest annual sporting event.'

TDF third readiness report: public awareness and support

The third readiness report gives information about public awareness of the Tour. TDF Hub 2014 Ltd surveyed people in areas on and close to the race route, and found that 94% in Yorkshire & Humberside know that the Tour is coming, compared with 89% in Cambridgeshire. 60% of respondents said that any disruption would be worth it to host such a prestigious event.

TDF third readiness report: race route

Tour organisers ASO have inspected the route, and they are satisfied with the surface. Nearly all the Traffic Regulation Orders needed to close the race route are in place.

Cote de Bradfield Tour de France climb

TDF third readiness report: where will people watch the race?

TDF Hub Ltd say they have surveyed 20,000 people who intend to watch the Tour live, to understand where they're going to go, and how they're going to get there. The results show that:

  • starts and finishes of each stage are the most popular locations
  • spectator hubs will also be popular
  • a lot of people going to more remote locations intend to travel there by bike

These graphs show the percentage of spectators expected at each location. Stage 1:

Graph showing percentages of spectators expected at locations on Stage 1

Stage 2: 

Graph showing percentages of spectators expected at locations on stage 2

Stage 3:

Graph showing percentages of spectators expected at locations on stage 3

TDF second readiness report: budget

Within the £27m budget for the race, £2m was an unallocated contingency fund. Of that £2m, £1.26m has now been allocated. The biggest single item is £527,000 for 'finalisation of Stage 3 costs'. The next biggest unexpected cost is £283,000 for a radio system for crowd management. £100,000 is being spent on crowd management at Holme Moss.