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Traffic signs reform to benefit cyclists

3rd May 2014

Cyclists dismount sign

The Department for Transport has launched a consultation on reforms to traffic signs. The proposals include improvements for signing of cycle facilities.

The rules are contained in the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions (TSRGD). CTC says that they dictate the size, width, height, and lighting requirements of traffic signs and road markings used by local authorities. 

The Consultation on the new TSRGD 2015 begins with the proud words, 'Great Britain is widely acknowledged to have one of the best traffic signing systems in the world.' (Strike up the band, and amend the words slightly: Land of hope, glory, and traffic signs which compare well with those in other nations). However, it goes on to say that the regulations are out of date and in need of an overhaul.

Chapter 5 contains measures to improve cycling facilities. There are items which previously had to be authorised by the DfT, but will now be included in the new TSRGD, and therefore not require specific approval - this includes the use of Trixi mirrors. (Trixi mirrors can be put up at junctions, and they give drivers of large vehicles a view of the area that would otherwise be their blind spot to the left, to prevent 'left hooks' killing or injuring cyclists).

Other cycling designs which will now be prescribed by the TSRGD, and no longer need specific authorisation, are  bigger Advanced Stop Zones (up to 7.5m), the use of 'elephant's footprints' to show the route for cyclists through junctions, and greater flexibility in designing 20mph zones. 

A new measure, which has not been permitted before, is allowing zig zag lines to be offset by up to 2m from the kerb, so that cycle lanes can continue at pedestrian crossings.

There are to be trials of a new form of crossing, with a cycle crossing next to a zebra crossing.Cycle crossing as part of zebra crossing

Low level cyclist traffic lights

Low-level cycle signals (specific cyclists traffic lights, at eye level) are to be included in the TSRGD.

The DfT also plans to trial 'cycle streets', where any motorised traffic would be banned from overtaking, and might be limited to 15mph.

For anyone wishing to respond to the consultation, there is a link on p8 of the consultation document to an online form (although at the time of writing the link does not seem to work); or respondents can complete the questionnaire in Annex B of the document, and return it to the DfT by email, traffic.signs@dft.gsi.gov.uk

The consultation is open from 1st May to 12th June 2014.

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