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Wiggins will not ride the 2014 Tour, as it stands

6th June 2014

Bradley Wiggins won't ride this year's Tour de France. Interviewed by BBC Breakfast TV this morning, he said that 'as it stands' he won't be on the start line in Leeds.

'As it stands' seems to mean that if Froome gets injured at the Dauphiné Libéré, Wiggins could step in as Team Sky leader.

Wiggins said, '[As a professional cyclist] there's always something to focus on. We've got not only the Tour de France coming up, in a just over a month's time, which starts in Britain, which again is going to be another incredible celebration of just how big cycling has become in Britain, and we all saw what it was like at the Olympic Games and Tour of Britain last year, and this time starting in Yorkshire, I think it's going to be incredible. A couple of days later finishing on The Mall is going to be just as big.'

The interviewer asked, 'Will we see you there?'

Wiggins responded, 'As it stands, I won't be there, probably. The team is focused around Chris Froome, the defending champion, who's got a great chance of winning his second Tour, and it's been decided that, as things stand, they're going to base the team around him, so unfortunately I won't be there, but there'll be plenty to cheer about. Obviously we've got Mark Cavendish, who's got a great chance of taking the yellow jersey on day one.'

With the air of a mourner at a funeral, Wiggins said, 'It's going to be a huge celebration.'

Talking of cycling as a team sport, Wiggins explained that 'a lot of times, the guys supporting the leader are almost good enough to win in their own right, as we saw a couple of years ago with myself and Chris. Chris has gone on to win the Tour. As defending champion, he has a say in who he has around him, and he's had guys that go to all his build-up races and training camps throughout the year - they're his group of riders. Obviously, I've been following a different path...As it gets closer to the Tour, Dave Brailsford decides who is best fitted to do that job. Myself and Chris haven't raced all year together.'

'I'm gutted. I've worked extremely hard for this all winter, and right through the summer up to California and winning that, and I kind of feel I'm in the form where I was two years ago at the 2012 Tour de France, but I also understand that cycling is a team sport and that it's about the team winning.'

Asked what he meant by 'as it stands', Wiggins said, 'Obviously there is this race on now in France and barring injury to Chris there, if he crashes or whatever, then there would still be a chance I could come into the team, as the set-up of the team changes, but as it stands, all being well, Chris being fit and healthy, then the team will roll out of Harrogate...'

See the interview with the BBC here.

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