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Yorkshire Showground Greenway

Yorkshire Showground

The Yorkshire Showground Greenway is a tarmacked foot and cycle path between Hornbeam Park and the Yorkshire Showground/A661 Wetherby Road. It opened in spring 2014.

Yorkshire Showground Greenway: the route

Signs on Hornbeam Park for Showground Greenway

From the Hornbeam Park end, you go all the way up Hornbeam Park, and near the end of the road, there are wooden 'public bridleway' signs. ('Showground Greenway' signs have also been put in place in summer 2014 - see photo above). Turn left here on the Greenway. It goes downhill to a little bridge over Hookstone Beck.

Yorkshire Showground Greenway junction with Hornbeam Park   Showground Greenway bridge over Hookstone Beck

The Showground Greenway then goes up away from the beck, through some trees. There's a junction, with a path off to the left and another to the right, but you carry straight on here. You arrive within sight of Harrogate Squash & Fitness centre, and turn right down the hill on a road which has white painted arrows on it. 

Yorkshire Showground Greenway, through trees   Yorkshire Showground Greenway, near squash centre

On the road down the hill, there are a couple of gates, which are usually open during the day, then closed in the evening and at night. Previously, there were 'cyclists dismount' signs at the gates, and A-frame barriers at the side to pass through when the gates were closed. Now the signs and the barriers have been removed, which is excellent: the signs were confusing when the gates were open, and unnecessary when the gates were closed; and the A-frames were an unnecessary nuisance to pass through. The new side gates are fine. (See before and after photos below).

Cyclists dismount sign on Showground Greenway   Yorkshire Showground Greenway, side gate   

At the second gate, the Greenway joins Railway Road. (Looking back here, you get good views of the railway viaduct. Turning right at the next junction takes you towards Spofforth and the Harland Way).

View of viaduct from Showground Greenway   Sign to Spofforth from Showground Greenway

The Showground Greenway now passes the Showground's caravan site, and Fodder local food shop and cafe, then it arrives at Sainsburys and the A661 Wetherby Road.

Yorkshire Showground caravan park   Fodder local food shop and cafe

Yorkshire Showground Greenway: map

The Yorkshire Showground Greenway route is shown on this map (highlighted in yellow):

Yorkshire Showground Greenway map

Getting to the Yorkshire Showground Greenway from Leeds Road

From the Leeds Road, take South Drive over the railway bridge, then turn right on Warwick Crescent (signed for Hornbeam Park). Next, you turn right on Hamilton Avenue - but if you don't know the route, you have to guess this, because there is no sign. Go straight across Wheatlands Road, on Rayleigh Road. At the traffic lights, go across Hookstone Road, onto Hornbeam Park.

Sign to Hornbeam Park at junction of South Drive and Warwick Crescent   Turn off Warwick Crescent onto Hamilton Avenue (unsigned)

Coming the other way, there is a problem with the signing. Just before Rayleigh Road meets Wheatlands Road, there's a sign indicating 'town centre' straight on. Then when you get to the junction, another sign indicates 'Harrogate' left. The second sign is wrong. If you do turn left up Wheatlands Road, when you get to the next junction, there are no more signs, whereas if you go straight across on Hamilton Avenue, the signing towards the centre of Harrogate continues.

Town centre sign on Rayleigh Road   Harrogate sign indicating left on Wheatlands Road

Getting to the Yorkshire Showground from Hookstone Chase

From Hookstone Chase, near the Plumpton Park commercial centre, there's a cycle path via Stonefall Park to the recycling centre. Then, you just have to cross the Wetherby Road, and you're on Railway Road on the Yorkshire Showground land.

Going the other way, you can go via Stonefall Park towards Plumpton Park (M0rrisons, Homebase etc). As soon as you go into the park, there's a fork with no sign indicating which way to go. Left takes you towards Eleanor Road, and right a bit further, to Hookstone Chase opposite Plumpton Park.

Entrance to Stonefall Park from Wetherby Road side   Fork in path in Stonefall Park

This map shows the different paths in Stonefall Park:

Map showing cycle route in Stonefall Park, Harrogate

Yorkshire Showground Greenway: comments and suggestions

This is a recap of the suggestions above.

1. Signpost the Showground Greenway from Hornbeam Park. Update: this is now done! Thanks to North Yorkshire County Council.

2. Consider whether the 'cyclists dismount' signs are necessary, and if possible, remove them. Update: this is now done! Thanks for Councillor Rebecca Burnett for her work on this.

3. Correct and complete the signposting on Hamilton Ave/Wheatlands Rd/Rayleigh Rd as described above.

4. Signpost Plumpton Park from the Stonefall recycling centre.

Do you have any more comments or suggestions?

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