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Tour de Yorkshire 2017

Crescent Gardens, Harrogate

The Tour de Yorkshire route was announced on 2nd December 2016. Stage 1 is Bridlington to Scarborough, Stage 2 Tadcaster to Harrogate, and Stage 3 Bradford to Fox Valley, Sheffield. Read more about the route of the Tour de Yorkshire 2017.

5 thoughts on the N-S Cycle Superhighway

A Santander bike hire station near King's Cross

I visited London on a work trip in November, and it was the opportunity to test out the North-South Cycle Superhighway (CS6). My impressions are necessarily superficial - those of a two-journey Big Smoke bicyclist, not a local. Read my 5 thoughts on CS6, and the experience of cycling in London.

Tour de France 2017 route announcement

18th October 2016

Christian Prudhomme

Christian Prudhomme, by Josh Hallett, Licence CC BY-SA 2.0

The Tour de France 2017 route was today announced at a press conference in Paris by Christian Prudhomme. After the Grand Départ in Duesseldorf, the race heads for the Vosges, then the Jura, with a climb of the Grand Colombier. It takes in the Pyrenees, including a climb of the Col de Peyresourde, and the Alps, with finishes at the Col d'Izoard and Serre Chevalier. A time trial in Marseille, the day before the finish in Paris, could be critical. Read about the Tour de France 2017 route announcement.

Yorkshire awarded 2019 UCI road World Championships

28th September 2016

Yellow bicycle welcome

Yellow bicycle welcome, by Paul Downey, Flickr, Licence CC BY 2.0

Meeting in Doha, the UCI today took the decision to award the 2019 road World Championships to Yorkshire. Welcome to Yorkshire, who were involved in the bid along with British Cycling and UK Sport, are delighted. Read about Yorkshire awarded 2019 UCI road World Championships.

UK cycling news

Appalling DfT THINK! 'road safety' video

26th September 2016

DfT THINK! video (still)

The Department for Transport today published an unhelpful and gratuitously gory 'road safety' video, which appears to put all the onus on people riding bikes to avoid being crushed by left-turning lorries - while the message to the drivers of large vehicles is, apparently, 'drive how you like, you're not the one who is going to end up dead.' Chris Boardman described the video as 'desperately misguided', and accused the campaign of trying to make death fun. Harrogate & Knaresborough MP Andrew Jones is the Minister in the DfT with responsibility for road safety and cycling. Read about appalling DfT THINK! video.

'Best cyclist safety initiative ever' by West Midlands Police

17th September 2016

A West Midlands Police initiative to educate and, if necessary, prosecute drivers for close passes has been described as the best cyclist road safety initiative ever, by Cycling UK. Read more about 'best cyclist safety intiative ever' by West Midlands Police.


Dear Andrew Jones, cycling minister

28th September 2016

Andrew Jones MP opening a road

Andrew Jones MP opening a road, by Highways England, Flickr, Licence CC BY 2.0

An open letter to Andrew Jones, MP for Harrogate & Knaresborough, and minister in the DfT with responsibility for cycling. Two months in, and we have a 'head in hands' moment. Anyone who rides a bike and has seen your crass and offensive 'cyclists hang back' video will be dismayed. It's unclear about the story it's telling, makes a joke out of violence, gives highly dubious advice, encourages bullying of vulnerable road users, and alienates cyclists instead of persuading them. Read an open letter to Andrew Jones, cycling minister.

Overheard on the Nidderdale Greenway

25th July 2016

View from the Nidd Viaduct

'Oh my God, this is the best place ever,' I overheard on the Nidderdale Greenway. 'I really want to come down here with my camera.' There is something special about the view from the Nidd Viaduct, and the fact that a younger generation appreciates it too is encouraging. Read about overheard on the Nidderdale Greenway.


Cycling ideas from Utrecht

Nachtegaal Straat, Utrecht

Utrecht is a cycle-friendly city, with good infrastructure for cycling, and a culture of cycling for short trips in and around the city. A large percentage of journeys in Utrecht are made by bike. What can we learn from Utrecht? For some answers, see HedgehogCycling's series of three 'cycling ideas from Utrecht' videos.

Harrogate Cycling

Harrogate, Ripley, Brimham Rocks, Dallow Moor, Galphay, & Studley Royal road cycling route

Boundary stone, Dallow Moor

This 43-mile route north of Harrogate is on quiet roads, and takes in some stunning countryside along the way. It heads past Brimham Rocks, up onto Dallow Moor, and through the village of Galphay, then continues through Studley Royal Deer Park, before returning to Ripley and Harrogate. Read Hedgehog's new guide to the Harrogate, Ripley, Brimham Rocks, Dallow Moor, Galphay, & Studley Royal road cycling route.

Nidderdale Greenway

Nidderdale Greenway

The best and most popular cycleway in Harrogate, the Nidderdale Greenway goes about 4 miles to Ripley, using the trackbed of a disused railway. It opened in May 2013.

Beryl Burton cycleway

Beryl Burton cycleway

The Beryl Burton cycleway is an off-road cycle route from Bilton Village Farm to the Nidd at High Bridge, Knaresborough. It can be used as a quiet route between Harrogate and Knaresborough, or for a recreational ride, perhaps extending it by going along Waterside past the Old Manor House.

Fewston, Beecroft, & Timble bike trail

Bike trail in Timble woods

Our guide to the bike trail on Yorkshire Water's land at Fewston reservoir, through the Beecroft Plantation and Timble woods. Read about the Fewston, Beecroft, & Timble woods bike trail.

Read more about cycling in Harrogate.

About Hedgehog Cycling

Hedgehog Cycling logo

I started Hedgehog Cycling after the announcement that Yorkshire had been chosen to host the Grand Départ of the 2014 Tour de France. It was an exciting time for cycling in Yorkshire. There were guides to the Yorkshire (and Cambridge and London) stages on Hedgehog. 

The Tour de France in Yorkshire has been and gone, but Hedgehog Cycling is still going strong. In keeping with its origins, it covers the Tour de France, and cycling in Yorkshire, including the Tour de Yorkshire, and guides to Yorkshire cycle routes. There's also cycling-related news from the UK and Europe. 

Hedgehog Guides

Scarborough to Whitby Cinder Track

Trailways bike shop, Hawkser

A new Hedgehog Guide to the Cinder Track cycle route, along the old railway from Scarborough to Whitby, with full-colour (!) photos, including lots of Yorkshire sunshine. This 21.5 mile route has beautiful views, and there's wonderful wildlife along the way, for example house martins and swallows at Ravenscar. Read about the Scarborough to Whitby Cinder Track.

York to Beningbrough cycle route

Beningbrough Hall

There's a great cycle route from the centre of York to Beningbrough, partly on tarmacked path by the river Ouse, and partly on quiet roads. It ends up at Beningbrough Hall, an C18th National Trust property (where cyclists are entitled to a free cup of tea). Read HedgehogCycling's guide to the York to Beningbrough cycle route.

York to Selby cycle route

York to Selby cycle route, near Terry's factory

HedgehogCycling's guide to the York to Selby cycle route, including 'cycle the solar system'. This is a quality route, mainly on a tarmacked path on an old railway track bed, and is perfect for family cycling. Read our guide (with video and photos) to the York to Selby cycle route.

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