Area 6 active travel requests

Cycle infrastructure, East Parade, Harrogate
Cycle infrastructure, East Parade, Harrogate

Area 6 is the division of North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) Highways that includes Harrogate. This page is for requests for small improvements to walking and cycling facilities.

Bike overtaking signs

6th June 2020

Bike overtaking sign, France
Bike overtaking sign, France

Hornbeam Park Avenue is on a key Harrogate bike route, but anyone who rides along it will experience dangerous close passes. I suggest bike overtaking signs here, and on Penny Pot Lane.

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Pannal Ash Road central hatching

22nd May 2020

Pannal Ash Road
Pannal Ash Road, Harrogate, with central hatching

Pannal Ash Road should be a safe place for people to walk and ride bikes, but it is a prime location for dangerous close passes. Is the central hatching partly to blame and should it be removed (not replaced) next time the road is resurfaced?

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Crossings at Prince of Wales roundabout

12th April 2020

Prince of Wales roundabout, Harrogate
Prince of Wales roundabout, Harrogate

At the Prince of Wales roundabout in Harrogate, it's tricky and dangerous for people on foot to cross the road. We're asked to cross two lanes of traffic with no crossing and no priority, relying on making eye contact with drivers and taking our chances.

What could be done to improve the situation? Read about crossings at the Prince of Wales roundabout.

No idling signs

11th April 2020

Switch engine off sign, Knaresborough
Please switch engine off, Conyngham Hall, Knaresborough

All over Harrogate, every day, lots of drivers stop for long periods and leave their engines running. This creates pollution and CO2 emissions that are completely avoidable. Can 'no idling' signs be placed in strategic locations?

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