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Chorlton to Manchester consultation

17th November 2018

Segregated cycle lane, Manchester
Segregated bike lane, Manchester

A public consultation has been launched on a new walking and cycling route from Chorlton to Manchester city centre, as part of Chris Boardman's Beelines project. Comments can be made from 16th November 2018 to 11th January 2019.

The distance is 5km, and the cost will be around £13.4 million. Part of the funding is from a DfT grant, and another chunk comes from the Manchester Mayor's Cycling & Walking Challenge Fund. Chorlton already has some of the highest cycling rates in the district.

The route will be a mixture of fully segregated, hybrid, and marked cycle lanes.

Hybrid type cycle lane
Hybrid cycle lane, Manchester

Solar-powered road studs will feature on some sections. Other changes along the route include new 20mph zones, new Puffin crossings, widened pavements, and roads made one-way.

Bus stop bypasses will be used where appropriate.

Bus stop bypass, Manchester
Bus stop bypass, Manchester

The 'Copenhagen-style bus stop' will be trialled in some places.

Copenhagen-style bus stop, Manchester
Copenhagen-style bus stop, Manchester

From the maps accompanying the consultation, it looks as though the route comes to an abrupt end at the busy Deansgate Interchange road junction, but the consultation information says that the Chorlton-Manchester route will link up to cycle lanes being developed on the Stretford Road by Trafford Council.

The BBC has some images giving an impression of parts of the route, followed by comments from Chris Boardman:

Anticipating one of the most common responses, 'this money would be better spent on improving road surfaces for all users', the consultation page states:

'The money for this scheme can only be used for improvements to encourage walking and cycling, and this will include some localised surfacing work. This work will not reduce the amount of money available for general road surface repairs.'
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Bike lane, Manchester Bus stop bypass, ManchesterBike lane, Manchester