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Christopher Froome's diary

26th July 2015

Chris Froome at the Tour de France 2015

Won the Tour de France today. They'll have to give me the yellow jersey now, whether they like it or not. Mr Brailsford says I've done very well.

Matthew Rendell, or the other one from channel Four, Edmond whats-it, will be here with their questions in a minute. They're quite nice, but they keep asking the same things every day. I feel like I've told them everything I want to already, but Michelle says to be patient with them.

I know what they're going to ask me. 'Do you see this as a team victory?' I've been practising the answer with Michelle on Skype. 'Oh, the boys have been fantastic. The support from Ritchie and the others has been unbelievable, I couldn't have done it without them.' Michelle says not to forget anyone, and not to mention the times when they were useless, and let me down.

I mustn't forget the big one, Standard. He seems placid, but you never know. I think I could take Nibali, but Standard might be more of a challenge. Michelle says it doesn't matter how big you are, as long as you hear your inner lion roar. That's all very well, but best not take the chance, especially with the way my arms are at the moment...  

Michelle says I have to thank Geraint Thomas, and I have to remember to call him G. He is so popular, with his fast cycling and his sense of humour and his jokes. Mr Brailsford explained the one about him being called Chris Froome. Classic. I'll have to ask him what Ikea is. Just as long as Geraint remembers that I'm the team leader, and doesn't get any ideas. Michelle says I'm paranoid. She might be right, but that doesn't mean he's not out to replace me.

Michelle says I haven't been looking overwhelmed enough in my interviews. I've been practising in the mirror. Mr Brailsford says he can't help me choose my best overwhelmed look, it's not his area of expertise, and it's not important enough to wake up Julie from Team Sky PR.

I asked Mr Brailsford for next week's training schedule. He says 'have a rest, stay at home'. I don't know what Michelle will say about that. I'm sure I can draw up my own schedule. Maybe I'll take Monday morning off, and start again in the afternoon.

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