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Cycle routes from south Harrogate to the town centre

Parson's Intake, Harrogate

There are couple of little cycle routes from south Harrogate to the town centre and other locations, which can be a useful way for people living in the south of the town, to avoid the busy A61 Leeds Road/West Park. This map shows the routes:

Map of cycle route through Harrogate County Ground

The cricket ground cycle route

Pavilion at County Cricket Ground Harrogate

From Leadhall Lane, turn down Leadhall Drive, then continue nearly straight on, on the path towards the cricket pavilion, and beyond it to exit the cricket ground. Beware of broken glass near the bins by the pavillion.

Cycle path by Harrogate cricket ground  Exit from Harrogate cricket ground

Exiting the cricket ground, you can turn right on St George's Road, then left on Park Avenue. 

There's a sign indicating 'town centre' and 'The Stray' to the right down Westbourne Avenue. I would suggest ignoring it if you're going to the town centre, because it doesn't make sense to go that way. Instead, stay on Park Avenue until you get to the Otley Road.

This map shows the route beyond the junction of Park Avenue with Otley Road:

Beech Grove cycle route

The photos below show the 'town centre' sign to ignore, and Park Avenue.

Sign to Westbourne Avenue  Park Avenue

Cross Otley Road (sometimes easier said than done), and continue on Beech Grove. The cycle route down Beech Grove is signposted, but the sign has been attached to a lamp post which is not quite in the right place, so it's difficult to tell if it's sending you down to the Prince of Wales roundabout, along the path across the Stray, or down Beech Grove.

Beech Grove  Oddly placed sign for Beech Grove

At the end of Beech Grove, there are cycle traffic lights, which is rather exciting, allowing cyclists to go straight across to Victoria Avenue. There's cycle parking by the Library. 

Cyclist traffic lights, Beech Grove  Cycle parking outside Harrogate Library

Alternatively, you can brave West Park, and turn right at the War Memorial, where there's also cycle parking. However, West Park is busy, and difficult for cyclists (not just Mark Cavendish!) to negotiate.

The Rossett cycle routes

Also from Leadhall Lane, there's a cycle route up Rossett Drive, and through Parson's Intake. 

Rossett Drive  Parson's Intake

You get to a junction by Rossett School playing fields, and Rossett Local Nature Reserve. 

Bollards near Rossett playing fields  Rossett Local Nature Reserve

Here, you can go straight on to Arthur's Avenue and Richmond Avenue/Pannal Ash Road, left on the path to Green Lane (which comes out near the entrance to Ashville College and Rossett School), or right past the Nature Reserve and BT site, to St Athan's Walk.

Path by Rossett Nature Reserve  Telegraph poles on BT site

South Harrogate cycle routes: suggestions for improvements

Don't sign the town centre down Westbourne Avenue, it is not a sensible route.

Improvements to Beech Grove, as set out on a Beech Grove cycle route page.

Do you have any more comments or suggestions?

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