Harrogate Cycle Tube Map

7th January 2021

Harrogate Cycle Tube Map
Cycle Tube Map for Harrogate (click to enlarge)

I've had a go at a Cycle Tube Map for Harrogate. Please think of it as a first draft, and feel free to suggest improvements.

Dotted Lines

Two of the main lines, Slingsby and Leeds Road, have long dotted sections - because they are not yet cycle routes, but they need to be made cycle-friendy.

Indeed, the map reveals just how thinly-spaced and poorly connected Harrogate's cycle network is.


I've made choices about what constitutes a cycle route, and which roads are too hostile to be regarded as options when travelling by bike.


I referred to a map, but I didn't trace it, I just drew the routes by eye, so the result won't be very accurate.

Also, the London Underground map is very stylised, with straight lines and rounded corners. The routes on my map have wobbles in them; simplifying the lines would probably produce a better result.

Colourful Spaghetti

I hope the map might be of some use in planning Harrogate's cycle network. It might help clarify what is already a cycle route and where the (large and numerous) gaps are.

If not, it should at least be popular with fans of colourful spaghetti.

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