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5th June 2018

Closed road ride in York

A poll of 2,000 British adults for Cycling UK shows that large vehicles, close passes, and potholes, are the top reasons why more people don't cycle.

Asked why they don't cycle, these were the most popular answers from non-cycling respondents:

  • worried about sharing the road with lorries and large vehicles (57%)
  • close passes (56%)
  • poor road surfaces and potholes (56%)
  • crossing busy junctions and roundabouts with other vehicles (49%)
  • being 'doored' by someone getting out of a car (40%)

Asked what would make them more likely to cycle, respondents said:

  • more separate cycle paths away from roads, for example in parks (45%)
  • segregated bike lanes with physical protection from traffic (45%)
  • better road conditions (42%)

The poll was commissioned to coincide with the closing date (1st June 2018) for submissions to the government's Cycling & Walking Investment Strategy consultation.

Cycling UK's Head of Campaigns Duncan Dollimore said, 'The government wants more and safer cycling, but as Cycling UK's research shows, people who don't currently cycle need change if they're going to choose to cycle short distances rather than drive.'

'Cycling is still a minority activity in the UK, with only 2% of all journeys made by bike. Those who do cycle put up with the potholes and dangerous traffic conditions daily, and still continue. However, it's not always pleasant, and it's no surprise most people do not consider cycling for their short everyday journeys,' Dollimore added. 'In England in 2016, 64% of all trips between one to two miles were driven. Making cycling more accessible and safer will give people the alternative transport solution they need.'

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CWIS consultation

17th March 2018

Bicycle traffic lights, Leeds-Bradford route

Jesse Norman, minister for cycling at the DfT, is asking for ideas to make cycling and walking safer. Probably the DfT should know how to do this already - after all, organisations like British Cycling and Cycling UK have been telling them for years, but unfortunately they haven't been listening. Will the DfT actually act on what they're told? Who knows, but if you have any interest in active travel, you should respond.

Read about the CWIS consultation, and follow the link to the consultation.

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