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13th August 2018

Highway Code

Highway Code

The Department for Transport (DfT) announced yesterday that it is 'looking at updating parts of the Highway Code, including measures to counter the dangerous practice of 'close passing' which puts people off cycling, and would benefit other vulnerable road users like horse riders'.

The DfT's 'news story' also mentions that it 'has commissioned the Cycle Proofing Working Group to develop national guidance and best practice for cycling and walking infrastructure'.

There's to be £1 million 'to support the pathfinder demonstration projects for repairing and upgrading sections of the National Cycle Network.'

The announcements lack any detail, but came on the same day the DfT opened a consultation on its project to introduce new offences of causing death or serious injury while cycling as a response to the Charlie Alliston case. The timing is not likely to be a coincidence - the DfT could be seeking to 'offset' one announcement against the other.

The cycling offences consultation is based on the report by Birketts which the DfT commissioned. The main questions asked by the consultation are whether there should be new offences of causing death or serious injury by dangerous cycling, and causing death or serious injury by careless or inconsiderate cycling. All the signs are that the decision has already been made by the DfT.

In addition to the urgent consultation on cycling offences (phase one), there was a non-urgent wider consultation on road safety issues relating to cycling (phase two). Phase two closed on 1st June 2018, and a summary of responses and next steps is due by 1st September 2018.

A full review of road traffic offences promised by the government in 2014 has never happened.

Gilligan on Oxford & Cambridge

10th July 2018

Parker's Piece, Cambridge

Parker's Piece, Cambridge

In a report for the National Infrastructure Commission, former London cycling commissioner Andrew Gilligan says that the answer to congestion problems in prosperous and expanding cities Oxford and Cambridge is 'staring them in the face'.

Read about Gilligan on Oxford and Cambridge.

Cycling UK close passes survey

29th June 2018

Close pass

Close pass, by Tejvan Pettinger, Licence CC BY 2.0

Cycling UK have published the results of a survey which show that 52% of British adults don't know the Highway Code rules for passing cyclists. In a coordinated announcement, cycling minister Jesse Norman has given details of new initiatives, including training for driving instructors on passing cyclists.

Read about the Cycling UK close passes survey.

Parker's Piece Highway CodeClose pass

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