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Emerging Dutch Cycle Highway Network

11th October 2023

F35 Cycle Highway
F35 Fietssnelweg, by Steven Lek, CC BY-SA 4.0

The Dutch have built 62 long-distance Cycle Highways, out of a planned total of 326.

What are the characteristics of these routes, and are they achieving modal shift?

Read about the Emerging Dutch Cycle Highway Network.

Paris Mayor Celebrates 40% Less Traffic and Pollution

30th August 2023

Bicycle in front of a bakery in Paris
Bicycle in front of a Parisian bakery, by besopha, CC BY 2.0

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo yesterday celebrated the French capital's achievement in reducing traffic and air pollution by 40%. How long did the reduction in foul air take, and what are the health consequences?

Read about the Paris Mayor Celebrates 40% Less Traffic and Pollution.

Brussels Circulation Plan Sees Cycling Up 36%

24th August 2023

Hire bikes in Brussels
Hire bikes in Brussels, by Silva.1994, CC BY-SA 3.0

Cycling is up 36% in central Brussels a year after a circulation plan was introduced, and there is 25% less motor traffic.

The Good Move plan to make the streets more liveable has been a success, but are there any problems?

Read about the Brussels Circulation Plan Sees Cycling Up 36%.

Ireland Moves Cautiously towards Reducing Car Use

21st April 2023

Road sign in Kilkenny
Road sign in Kilkenny

Ireland is moving cautiously towards reducing car use, in order to achieve its climate targets, with a two-phase strategy.

Read about Ireland Moves Cautiously towards Reducing Car Use.

The Future Starts Now: Utrecht Builds Car-Free Neighbourhood

1st February 2023

Visual of Merwede neighbourhood, Utrecht

Utrecht is to build a car-free neighbourhood for 12,000 people. As it's high-density housing, the city has chosen to use the space between the buildings for greenery, not parked cars.

Read about The Future Starts Now: Utrecht Builds Car-Free Neighbourhood.

€1.1 Billion for Cycle Infrastructure in the Netherlands

16th November 2022

Bike parking Utrecht
Bike racks at Utrecht station

Around €1.1 billion has been allocated to cycle infrastructure in the Netherlands for cycle parking, Cycle Highways, tunnels and bridges.

Read about €1.1 Billion for Cycle Infrastructure in the Netherlands.

Police Bicycle Chase at Schiphol

7th November 2022

Schiphol, by Lindsey de Jong, Licence CC BY-SA 2.5

Climate activists staged a protest against private jets at Amsterdam Schiphol airport over the weekend, that resulted in a police bicycle chase.

Read about Police Bicycle Chase at Schiphol.

Plan Vélo 2023 France

22nd September 2022

Cycling on the rue de Rivoli
Cycling on the rue de Rivoli, by Jacques Paquier, Licence CC BY 2.0

French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne this week announced a new plan vélo to ensure that France continues to develop into a cycling nation.

Read about the Plan Vélo 2023 France.

Popular But Expensive - German €9 Ticket

5th September 2022

Train in Germany
German train, public domain image

Germany offered a €9 public transport ticket, to combat inflation and climate change. What were the results?

Read about Popular But Expensive - German €9 Ticket.

Paris Plan Vélo 2021-6

24th October 2021

Carte du Paris Plan Vélo
Carte du Plan Vélo

Paris's Plan Vélo for the next 5 years includes 180km of new segregated cycle tracks, and a wealth of other good ideas too, showing a real commitment to promoting cycling.

Read about a Paris Plan Vélo 2021-6.

Paris to become "100% vélo"

9th February 2020

Paris cycle network 2024
Projected Paris cycle network 2024

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo has put the environment and sustainable transport at the heart of her 2020 re-election campaign, with parking spaces to be replaced by wider pavements and bike lanes.

Read about Paris to become "100% vélo".

ECF Safer Cycling Advocate Program

17th January 2020

Bike lane, Zandvoort, NL
Bike lane, Zandvoort, Netherlands

The European Cyclists' Federation has produced a report titled the Safer Cycling Advocate Program. It draws on Dutch and Danish expertise, and is designed to help people in other countries campaign for better cycling facilities.

Read about ECF Safer Cycling Advocate Program.

Inspiration from Dutch cycle infrastructure

Bikes in Zandvoort

Bike lanes in the Netherlands are designed with thought and intelligence to create a joined-up, easily usable network.

I took a few photos of cycle infrastructure in Zandvoort, and I've added some comments about the intention of the planners. In the UK, we should pay particular attention to the way they give bike routes continuity, instead of making them give way to every side street.

Read about inspiration from Dutch cycle infrastructure.

Dutch organisation calls for end to crossbar

Bike art from 2014 Tour de France Yorkshire

A Dutch road safety organisation is calling for the crossbar design of men's bikes to be scrapped, saying it is less safe than a 'step-in' frame, and no longer necessary for a strong bike.

Read about Dutch organisation calls for end of crossbar.

Smartphones create danger on Dutch bike paths

7th January 2016

Cyclist using mobile phone, Utrecht

Many bike paths in the Netherlands are dangerous because they are so busy, and because some people are using their smartphones, instead of being aware of what is going on around them.

Read more about smartphones create danger on Dutch bike paths.

The Dutch cycled further than ever in 2014

21st October 2015

Cyclist in Utrecht

Cycling was more popular than ever in the Netherlands in 2014 according to new figures, which show an average distance cycled per person of 1018km. Electric bikes may be responsible for some of the increase.

Read about the Dutch cycled further than ever in 2014...

Dumoulin ready for World Champs ITT

22nd September 2015

Tom Dumoulin at Utrecht time trial

Tom Dumoulin is ready for the individual time trial at the World Championships in Richmond, Virginia, where he is favourite for the event. He is still slightly tired after a great performance in the Vuelta a Espana, but will be confident of competing well against rivals Tony Martin and Rohan Dennis. Read about Dumoulin ready for World Champs ITT...

Five fascinating facts about Tom Dumoulin

27th August 2015

Tom Dumoulin at Utrecht time trial

Dutch rider Tom Dumoulin yesterday took the overall lead of the Vuelta a Espana. A time trial specialist who may also be a future GC contender, he is rapidly becoming a star of road cycling. In case you don't know too much about him, here are five facts about Tom Dumoulin...

Controversial Dutch team selection for World Championship road race

22nd August 2015

There's controversy in the Netherlands over the selection of their nine riders for the World Championship road race on 27th September in Richmond, USA. Star riders Gesink and Mollema are in the team as domestiques, to support Niki Terpstra, and Koen de Kort has been left out. Read more about controversial Dutch team selection for World Championship road race...

Sky rider Poels run off road by truck

11th August 2015

Poels' colleague Luke Rowe at the Tour de France

Sky rider Wout Poels was run off the road by a truck today during a training ride with fellow professional Reinier Honig in the Dutch province of Zuid-Limburg. They both tweeted about the incident, which they say was 100% deliberate, and involved a driver from Van Zaal Transport De Kwakel. Read more about Poels run off road by truck...

2015 Tour de France the most watched in the Netherlands for 20 years

27th July 2015

Argon Bora rider, stage 1, Utrecht

The 2015 Tour's start in the Netherlands generated a lot of publicity, which resulted in it being the most watched Tour de France for 20 years in that country. Stage 2 attracted more viewers in Holland than any other in the event's history. Read more about 2015 Tour was the most watched in the Netherlands for 20 years...

Cycling ideas from Utrecht

26th July 2015

Nachtegaal Straat, Utrecht

Utrecht is a cycle-friendly city, with good infrastructure for cycling, and a culture of cycling for short trips in and around the city. A large percentage of journeys in Utrecht are made by bike. What can we learn from Utrecht? For some answers, see HedgehogCycling's series of three 'cycling ideas from Utrecht' videos...

Danish anti-doping report

24th June 2015

Team Tinkoff Saxo at the 2014 TDF team presentation

Anti-doping Denmark yesterday published a report into doping in professional cycling, in particular on Bjarne Riis's team CSC. It found that Riis and others would have a case to answer for complicity in doping, but the statute of limitations prevents cases being brought. Read more about the Danish anti-doping report...

Petition against beer bikes in Amsterdam

17th June 2015

Bike cafe

A petition against beer bikes in Amsterdam is to be handed to the city council today. The petition has gathered more than 6,000 signatures since it was launched in April this year. Read more about the petition against beer bikes in Amsterdam...

Bee swarm moved from bike panniers

16th June 2015


A beekeeper was yesterday called to a supermarket in Bloemendaal, Holland, to move a swarm of bees which had taken up residence in bike panniers while the bike's owner was inside doing her shopping. The beekeeper moved the docile insects without needing any protection. Read more about the bee swarm moved from bike panniers...

France 2 micro-dosing experiment

13th June 2015


Last month, France 2 broadcast a documentary about a micro-dosing experiment they carried out, with eight athletes taking part. They found that in 29 days, they could produce significant performance improvements with micro-doses of EPO and HGH, plus a blood transfusion, which would stay within biological passport parameters. Read more about the France 2 micro-dosing experiment...

Dutch bike paths to have 25kmh speed limit

10th January 2015

Dutch omafiets

The maximum speed on bike paths in built-up areas of the Netherlands should be 25kmh, according to Fietsberaad, the Dutch organisation which advises on cycling policy. This would mean racing cyclists and users of speed pedelecs should ride on the road. Read more about the proposed 25kmh speed limit on Dutch cycle paths...

Abellio to improve Scottish cycle rail facilities

9th October 2014

Bike parking in Utrecht

Abellio, a subsidiary of Dutch national rail company NS, has won the ScotRail franchise. It is to improve cycle rail facilities, by investing in more bike parking, and opening cycle hire points at stations. Read more about Abellio to improve Scottish cycle rail facilities...

Most Dutch nighttime cyclists drunk

25th September 2014

Cyclist in Netherlands

Researchers at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands have found that nearly 90% of nighttime cyclists had been drinking. Read more on most Dutch nighttime cyclists drunk...

Dutch campaign to highlight dangers of smartphone use while cycling

24th September 2014

Cyclist using phone in Holland

The Dutch Minister for Infrastructure and the Environment has launched a campaign to highlight the risks of cycling and using a smartphone, a practice which is not illegal. There's even a 'cycling mode' app. Read more about cycling and smartphones in Holland...

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