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Sir Gary Verity: 2019 huge for Harrogate

7th January 2019

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Sir Gary Verity says that 2019 will be huge for Harrogate. According to the Ripon Gazette, he is urging local businesses to seize the opportunities.

Verity said, 'Harrogate will never have had a higher profile before than in 2019. A lot of people will be coming from around the world for the UCI championships, in particular, and staying in the town. It's not just for a day or two - they will be here for the week. It's an amazing opportunity for independent traders to seize this and own this.'

'Visitors will be exploring the town, looking to eat and drink. We want them to fall in love with Harrogate, and then come back again.'

Some local businesses have expressed worries about road closures linked to the 2019 World Championships.

Speaking about the Tour de France, Verity commented, 'I was in Harrogate that weekend. Let me tell you Harrogate was rocking, in particular on the Saturday evening. You couldn't get a seat in a restaurant and the bars were full. It wasn't just round the Fan Park area.'

'This year is going to be massive for Harrogate. It will be the focus of the entire cycling world.'

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