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Harrogate's final Tour de France preparations

2nd July 2014

TV crew in front of the Cavendish & Horses pub

With the Tour de France imminent, final preparations for the race are under way in Harrogate. Some of the TV crews are here, including France Television. 

France TV van in Harrogate for the Tour

A stand and marquee has gone up outside the Hotel du Vin, for the race organisers ASO. The Hotel du Vin's only concession to Tour decorations is a yellow door.

Spectator stand outside Hotel du Vin, Harrogate  Harrogate Hotel du Vin yellow door

More and more shops are decked out in Tour decorations; and there was a flyover yesterday...anyone know what plane it is?

Plane above Harrogate  Jespers, Harrogate

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