Harrogate Retail Inquiry

12th September 2019

Cambridge Crescent, Harrogate
Cambridge Crescent, Harrogate

Harrogate MP, extreme Brexiter Andrew Jones, carried out a survey about Harrogate's town centre shopping in January 2019. There were 2,700 responses.

Some aspects of the Harrogate Retail Inquiry concern travel, including cycling. The majority of people think that cycling facilities are poor or very poor.

These are some of the main points arising from the survey.

The reason people shop in Harrogate is that it's close to home (61%). Despite this, the most popular mode of transport is private car (1,537 respondents out of 2,703); this is closely followed by walking (1,296). Only 102 most often travel by bike.

Most people think it's 'fairly easy' to find a parking space in Harrogate (52%). Parking charges are just right (48%).

What do you think of cycling facilites in the town centre?: