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Tour de France in Ilkley

Tourist office, Ilkley

Stage one of the 2014 Tour de France passes through Ilkley between 12.15 and 12.30 on Saturday 5th July 2014. Stage two goes through Addingham, which is just 2 to 3 miles away, so Ilkley is very close to the action on both days of the Tour de France in Yorkshire. Ilkley is hoping to be an official TDF Hub.

Ilkely is looking for volunteers to be 'Ilkley Guides' - anyone local who can volunteer for at least 2 hours over the weekend of 4th-6th July 2014, to help visitors with directions, and generally make them feel welcome. Guides must also be able to spare an hour for training.

Ilkley Parish Council is to spend £20,000 on Tour de France projects, including £8,000 to £9,000 on big screen hire, according to the Ilkley Gazette. There will be big screens in the Riverside Gardens, and possibly behind the swimming pool, and at Ben Rhydding Sports Club. The main race-related events in Ilkley are being organised as part of the Ilkley TDF Festival Week. 

Tour de France in Ilkley: news

Tour de France in Ilkley news: April meeting

2nd June 2014

The minutes of the Ilkley TDF meeting on 29th April 2014 show that 60 Ilkley guides have now been recruited. Also, 500 campers are booked in at East Holmes field, most of them just for the weekend of the Tour.

Tour de France in Ilkley news: Ilkley Cycling Club Avantigas 2 day stage race

2nd May 2014

Ilkley from Ilkley Moor

Ilkley Cycling Club, the largest cycle club in the UK, is holding a 2 day race on the weekend of 3rd & 4th May. On Saturday 3rd, the race HQ is Beckwithshaw Village Hall, and there'll be a 50 mile road race in the morning, followed by a short team time trial in the afternoon. On Sunday 4th, there's a 45 mile road race around Dacre and Darley. Read more about the ICC Avantigas 2 day stage race...

Tour de France in Ilkley news: preparation group meeting 25th March 2014

25th March 2014

The Ilkley 2014 Tour de France preparation group met on 25th March 2014.

According to the Ilkley Tour de France preparation group minutes, forty Ilkley guides have already been recruited, with a target of 100. Car parking was also discussed, and it is likely that West Holmes Field will be used as a Tour de France car park in Ilkley.

The meeting minutes also reveal that a Cycling Theatre event is pencilled in for Saturday 28th June 2014, as part of the Literature Festival; and there is a plan to produce a 28-page Tour de France souvenir guide.

The preparation group discussed legacy. Ilkely Tour de France legacy plans include developing Ilkley as a 'cycling town'; and building a cycleway to connect sports facilities in Ilkley and Ben Rhydding.

Tour de France in Ilkley: where to stay

Crescent Hotel, Ilkley

Ilkley.org/letour (a website set up by Ilkley Parish Council) has a list of B&Bs, guest houses and inns, hotels, self-catering cottages and flats, and camping and caravan sites. (According to the January 2014 minutes of the meeting of the Ilkley TDF Organising Committee, all the hotels except the Craiglands were full). As well as the permanent guest accommodation, there'll be the pop-up campsites below.

Where to stay in Ilkley during the Tour: Ilkley Cycle Club campsite

Ilkley Cycling Club are organising a TDF campsite at Ilkley rugby club and East Holmes field, with access to Ilkley Pool and Lido. It will be at the heart of the Ilkley TDF Festival Week which the club is organising (see below). Camping is available from 11am on Saturday 28th June, until 11am on Monday 7th July 2014. The prices per adult are £45 for 3 days, £67.50 for 5 days, and £87.50 for 7 days. There is no charge for anyone under 16. 

Where to stay in Ilkley during the Tour: Olicanian Cricket Club

The Olicanian Cricket Club has 150 tent pitches available at £10 per night (min 3 night stay). The club is just to the north side of the river Wharfe, off Denton Road. They have shower facilities, plus food, drink, and Tour coverage in the clubhouse.

Where to stay in Ilkley during the Tour: Ben Rhydding Sports Club

There'll be 125 tent pitches at Ben Rhydding Sports Club, in the Ben Rhydding area to the south east of Ilkley. They'll be open on the nights of 4th, 5th & 6th July 2014, and on Saturday 5th July there'll be entertainment, with a beer tent and live band.

Where to stay in Ilkely during the Tour: Glampit

Glampit will be erecting 40 bell tents, with toilets, showers, and parking (one car per tent). It seems the tent village will be at Ilkely Rugby Club. In January 2014, Glampit had sold 50% of their tents.

Tour de France in Ilkley: Ilkley TDF Festival Week

Organised by Ilkley Cycling Club, in conjunction with their campsite (see above), Ilkley TDF Festival Week runs from Saturday 28th June to Monday 7th July 2014. These are the events which are planned.

Ilkley TDF Festival: Sunday 29th June 2014, White Rose Classic Sportive

The White Rose Classic Sportive event takes in a lot of the route of Stage 1. It is open to 1000 riders, and will sell out. There is a choice of route/distance, with 110 mile, 84 mile, and 50 mile routes. The start and finish is at Ilkley Rugby Club.

Ilkley TDF Festival: Monday 30th June to Friday 4th July 2014, led rides

As part of the Festival, there'll be led rides of different lengths, and for different abilities.

Ilkley TDF Festival: Tuesday 1st July 2014, Ilkley town centre races

An evening of racing in Ilkley, with the region's best riders, from 5.30 to 9.15pm. The programme will include youth, women's and senior events.

Ilkley TDF Festival: Wednesday 2nd July 2014, Otley town centre races

The organisers of the Festival are putting on a bus to Otley for their famous town centre races.

Ilkley TDF Festival: Thursday 3rd July 2014, team presentations in Leeds

A ride to Leeds to see the presentation of the Tour teams.

Ilkley TDF Festival: Friday 4th July 2014, evening rides and BBQ

Evening rides and a family BBQ.

Ilkley TDF Festival: Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th July 2014, the race

Stage 1 passes through Ilkley around 12.15 to 12.30 on Saturday 5th July. When it has gone, it'll be possible to watch the race in the Riverside Gardens, on a big screen. There'll be big screens in other locations too. 

On Sunday, for Stage 2, there'll be organised rides to watch the race live, before returning to the Riverside Gardens to see the rest of the stage on the big screen. 

Ilkley TDF Festival: more events

Other events will include celebrity speakers, and films, at Ilkley Moor Vaults. There'll be a cycling-themed dinner at the The Wheatley Arms in Ben Rhydding, music every night at the Dalesway Hotel, and perhaps a historical 'tweed ride'.

Dalesway Hotel, Ilkley