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Levenshulme cycle scheme

5th February 2019

Levenshulme is making a £3.5 million pound bid for a cycling and walking scheme. It aims to replicate London's 'mini-Holland' schemes, Manchester Evening News reports.

The project is called Levenshulme Bee Network, and covers a one-mile radius area of the south Manchester suburb. The idea is to create a safer and more welcoming environment for walking and cycling, and to enable more people to travel locally without using cars. That would improve local air quality - much-needed, as air pollution outside primary schools is three times the legal limit.

The project area would be 'fully filtered'. Filtered permeability is where streets have posts or bollards part-way along, so they cannot be used as through routes by motor vehicles. Back streets would be linked up, for better connectivity between community centres, doctors, and schools.

The coordinator is volunteer Pauline Johnson, and in developing the plan she has been supported by councillors, and local residents including urban designer Peter O'Hare.

'We want to create the most cycle friendly and walking friendly area in Greater Manchester,' says Johnson. 'We would seek to improve crossings, create walk to school initiatives, play streets, and secure cycle parking facilities. We understand there may be some reservations, but want to win hearts and minds. If our bid is successful, there will be plenty of opportunities to contribute ideas to the scheme. We want everyone to have a voice.'

The bid is for money from the Transforming Cities fund. £250 million of that money was awarded by the government to Greater Manchester.

Having originated locally with Levenshulme Bee Network, the project is supported by Manchester City Council, Transport for Greater Manchester, and Manchester's Cycling & Walking Commissioner Chris Boardman.

Boardman said, 'The fantastic thing about this proposal is that it has been community-led. The people of Levenshulme want to enhance their neighbourhood, enabling more people to travel locally without using cars. All credit to Manchester City Council for recognising the potential and taking a bid forward.'

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