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Sheffield Active Travel Commissioner

9th August 2018

Sheffield City Hall

Sheffield City Hall

Mayor of the Sheffield City Region Dan Jarvis is to appoint an Active Travel Commissioner. Jarvis announced this intention in an article in the Yorkshire Post last week.

Travel on foot or by bike has many benefits, says the Mayor, including cleaner air, improved mental health, reduced obesity, fewer cases of Type 2 diabetes, and less heart disease. It reduces working days lost to ill health, and eases pressure on the NHS.

The DfT's own figures show that active travel schemes generate a return on investment many times higher than road building projects.

What's needed is a proper network of safe, easy and enjoyable walking and cycling routes, according to Jarvis's article.

To act on his commitment to active travel, the Mayor is to appoint an Active Travel Commissioner to lead work in this area. The inspiration for this comes from Manchester, where Mayor Andy Burnham is working with Walking & Cycling Commissioner Chris Boardman. Jarvis recently met Burnham to discuss Manchester's proposed Beelines network of safe walking and cycling routes.

The initial steps to be taken on active travel were set out on Sheffield City Region's website on 30th July 2018. Professor Steve Haake of Sheffield Hallam University is to look at the best examples of active travel plans from around the world. There's also to be an active travel summit of academics, policy experts, sustainable transport groups, cyclists, and runners.

Jarvis says that a local independent bike company is lending him a 'Mayoral bike'.

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