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Song thrush

Song thrush at Staveley

Song thrush at Staveley nature reserve

The song thrush in Yorkshire.

Song thrush: classification

Thrushes (turdidae) are a large family of passerine birds. The song thrush is Turdus philomelos.

Song thrush: distribution

Song thrushes are resident in Britain and Ireland all year round, as well as in other parts of Europe including France, the north of Spain, central Italy, and some more eastern areas. They also breed further north and east (Germany, Scandinavia, the Baltic States, Russia), but these individuals head south for the winter, including to Britain.

They favour open woodland, parks, and gardens.

Song thrush: description & behaviour

Song thrush, Staveley

The song thrush is similar to a mistle thrush, but smaller (20-22cm compared to 26-29cm).

The breast is white, but with some yellow-brown colouring around the edges, and with arrow-head dark brown spots.

Song thrushes spend part of their time on the ground. They hop forward rapidly, then freeze as they search for food. They will take snails in the beaks, and smash the shells against something hard - a stone, the surface of a path, or the road. Song thrushes are also found in trees and bushes, eating fruit and berries.

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Mistle thrush, Studley Royal Song thrushSong thrush, Staveley

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