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South Yorkshire plumber writes Tour de France song

1st July 2014

South Yorkshire plumber Paul Ballington has written a Tour de France song in honour of the Grand Départ in Yorkshire.  

Ballington told the Sheffield Star, 'I couldn't resist a Tour de France song, what with the Grand Départ coming through Yorkshire. My family and friends think I'm a bit crackers but it's about having fun. I'm not even a cycling fan and I don't have a bike of my own. But with all this talk about the Tour de France I can't wait to see it.'

'It only took half a day to write but I'm really proud of it. And I want to thank The Star for filming the video - with a bit of luck, this might go viral.'

The lyrics feature some Yorkshire gems. Ballington refers to bikes as 'push irons' at one stage. The song also features this couplet:

'Us Yorkshire folk are honoured so good luck to every man,

As you pedal like a child chasing down the ice cream van.'

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