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Tour de France readiness report

27th December 2013

Tour de France yellow bike, Knaresborough

TDF Hub 2014 Ltd has produced its first 'readiness report' on preparations for the 2014 Tour de France. It will publish a further two assessments before the race. The Chairman of the company, Sir Rodney Walker, says that it is 'on track' in its preparatory work.

TDF Hub 2014 Ltd is a not-for-profit company set up by UK Sport, to co-ordinate planning for the Tour de France 2014. One of its roles is to manage £9.9m of government money allocated to the race. The Chief Executive of TDF Hub 2014 Ltd is Nicky Roche, who was involved in organising the London 2012 Olympics. The Board has repesentatives from 'partner organisations', including Welcome to Yorkshire, local authorities, and Transport for London.

The readiness report lists the 'milestones' achieved so far. The full route has been agreed; TDF Hub 2014 Ltd is operating, and meeting monthly; and volunteer recruitment is under way (applications will close on 31st December 2013 for the two Yorkshire stages, and on 20th January 2014 for Stage 3, then selection and training will get under way).

The total budget for race preparations is about £27m (£10.6m from local authorities, £9.9m from government, and £6m from Transport for London). The money from local authorities is being spent on the route of Stages 1 and Stage 2, including £4m for road resurfacing. Other items of expenditure from the local authority pot are stewarding, traffic management, and road cleaning.

The £9.9m of government money is for the route up to the M25. Some of the money will given directly to local authorities, and some spent by TDF Hub 2014 Ltd for collective operations (for example, training volunteers). 

The final part of the £27m total is £6m from Transport for London, for the section of Stage 3 within Greater London. It will be spent on removal and replacement of road furniture, traffic and crowd management, and marketing and communications.

The readiness report stresses that hosting the Tour de France should make considerably more money than it costs. The two stages in held in the UK in 2007 were estimated to have generated £90m, plus £35m in publicity value. TDF Hub 2014 Ltd estimates that, this time, the Tour will be worth more than £100m. 

As well as the economic benefit, there is a social benefit of inspiring more people to get involved in sport. An evaluation of the economic and social benefit will be published by TDF 2014 Hub Ltd after the race.