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Knitters asked to make miniature Tour de France jerseys as bunting for Harrogate

24th November 2014

le Tour de Bunting TDF mini-jerseys

Harrogate Borough Council Parks Team launched 'Le Tour de Bunting' at the Knitting and Stitching Show in Harrogate (21st to 24th November 2013). They are asking people to knit miniature yellow, green, white, and polka-dot jerseys to be used as bunting in Harrogate's parks, and they hope to receive a total of 3000.

Patrick Kilburn, Head of Parks & Open Spaces, said, 'Students at York University came up with the idea after we asked them to help us plan how we would dress the district for this important event. We liked the knitted bunting idea because it will get our local community participating and neatly makes the link with Yorkshire's tradition of sheep farming and the wool trade.'

Le Tour de Bunting is sponsored by Baa Ram Ewe, Cygnet Yarns Ltd, and Thomas B Ramsden. Free patterns are available from Baa Ram Ewe, and finished mini-jerseys can be dropped into their shops by the end of March 2014. The patterns can also be found on the Harrogate BC website, where you can also see how many of each type have been made so far. There are some packs including free patterns and free wool, or knitters can use their own wool.

Tour de Bunting yellow jerseys

Update 23rd June 2014

Tour de France bunting in Harrogate Borough

Masham has run into trouble after Harrogate Borough Council hung jerseys from lamp posts. North Yorkshire County Council raised safety concerns, fearing the lamp posts could bend if the jerseys got wet and heavy. They have now been moved, and hung on homes and businesses instead. Read about bunting removed from lamp posts in Masham...

Update 7th June 2014

Some of the mini jerseys have now been strung up near the Empress roundabout in Harrogate.

Tour de France bunting, Harrogate   Tour de France bunting, Harrogate

Update 25th March 2014

As we reported previously, the Tour de Bunting was launched in November 2013 at the Knitting and Stitching Show. At the time, the council hoped to receive 3,000 mini Tour jerseys, to be used as bunting in Harrogate, but the project caught many people's imaginations, and The Guardian reports that some have been sent in from Switzerland, Canada and Bermuda. The idea has now been taken up in Cambridge

Harrogate council has now received 22,529 jerseys, which break down as follows:

  • 8,087 yellow
  • 7,017 green
  • 5,480 white
  • 1,945 polka dot

Although no more jerseys are required, the council is looking for help stringing them onto cords, prior to being hung up. The first session was on Monday 17th March 2014, and more will be held. 

The jerseys are due to be hung up in Harrogate in May 2014, and will remain in place until September. If they are still in suitable condition, they will then be sewn together, into blankets, which will be donated to Oxfam.