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101 bicyclettes, Harrogate

Tour de France bikes outside Chez la Vie, Harrogate

Harrogate Borough Council is organising the 101 Bicyclettes project as part of the celebrations in advance of the Tour de France, as we reported on 1st March 2014. The number has been chosen because this is the 101st edition of the Tour.

Residents, groups, and businesses are decorating old, unsusable, bicycles, and displaying them around Harrogate Borough. Here we have photos of the bikes.

101 bicyclettes, ABC of Health, Beulah Street, Harrogate
ABC of Health, Beulah Street, Harrogate
101 Bicyclettes, Clothes on 1, Montpellier St
Clothes on 1, Montpellier Street, Harrogate
101 Bicyclettes, Harrogate Library
Harrogate Library
101 bicyclettes, Horticap, Otley Road
Horticap, Otley Road, Harrogate
101 Bicyclettes, Pinewoods, Brackenfield School
Pinewoods, by Brackenfield School
101 Bicyclettes, Pinewoods Conservation Group
Pinewoods Conservation Group
101 Bicyclettes, Pinewoods, by Harrogate Ladies College
Pinewoods, by Harrogate Ladies College
101 Bicyclettes, Pinewoods, by Linden Homes
Pinewoods, by Linden Homes
101 Bicyclettes, Pinewoods, by Pannal cubs
Pinewoods, by Pannal cubs
101 Bicyclettes, Pinewoods, by Rossett cubs
Pinewoods, by Rossett cubs
101 Bicyclettes, Pinewoods, by Verity Frearson
Pinewoods, by Verity Frearson
101 Bicyclettes, Harrogate station
Harrogate station, by Brora Ltd
101 Bicyclettes, Harrogate cricket ground
Harrogate Cricket Club
101 Bicyclettes, St Mark's church, Harrogate
St Mark's church, Harrogate
101 Bicyclettes, Pinewoods, Asda
Pinewoods, by Asda
101 Bicyclettes, Pinewoods, Rasmus
Pinewoods, by Rasmus
101 Bicyclettes, Pinewoods, Muddy Mutts
Pinewoods, by Muddy Mutts
101 Bicyclettes, Pinewoods, detail from Muddy Mutts
Pinewoods, detail from Muddy Mutts
101 Bicyclettes, near Harlow Tower
Pinewoods, near Harlow Tower
101 Bicyclettes, Harlow Nurseries
Harlow nurseries
101 Bicyclettes Harrogate, le Bistrot Pierre
Le Bistrot Pierre, Harrogate
101 Bicyclettes Harrogate, Oak by Design
Oak by Design, Kings Road, Harrogate
101 Bicyclettes, Bilton, Nidderdale Greenway
Bilton, Nidderdale Greenway
101 Bicyclettes Harrogate, Victoria Shopping Centre
Victoria Shopping Centre, Harrogate
101 Bicyclettes, Cold Bath Rd
Cold Bath Road, Harrogate
101 Bicyclettes, Baa Ram Ewe, Harrogate
Baa Ram Ewe, Harrogate