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Tour de France in Harrogate

Tour de France decorations on the Crown, Harrogate

Harrogate is one of the few places on the route which will host the race on two consecutive days. Stage one of the 2014 Tour de France finishes in Harrogate. Stage two, from from York to Sheffield, comes up from Knaresborough via Starbeck to the Empress roundabout in Harrogate, and continues on the A59 Skipton Rd to the New Park roundabout, and out towards the Dales.

Tour de France in Harrogate: news

Tour de France bunting in Harrogate

As the weekend of the race approaches, Tour-related artworks are appearing around the town and the borough and the arrangements for spectators are crystallising. Read all the latest Tour de France in Harrogate news...

The Tour de France & Harrogate BC

Harrogate BC Crescent Gardens offices

Harrogate Borough Council has been making plans for the Tour de France for more than a year, producing leaflets for residents on different aspects of the Tour. They have made arrangements for Tour organisers and spectators on the Stray, and for road closures on Saturday 5th July 2014. Read about the Tour de France and Harrogate Borough Council...

Tour de France in Harrogate: where to stay

Crown Hotel, Harrogate

Around 300,000 people may visit Harrogate for the Tour de France. Many hotels will be booked up, but there could be B&Bs, self-catering properties, or private houses through AirBnB. There are also plenty of campsites in Harrogate Borough, including pop-up Tour de France sites. Here are some ideas for where to stay in Harrogate during the Tour de France...

Tour de France in Harrogate: 101 bicyclettes

101 bicyclettes, Harrogate - Horticap, Otley Road

As we reported on 1st March, Harrogate BC is organising the 101 bicyclettes project. This involves 101 decorated bicycles around the Borough, to mark the 101st edition of the Tour. HedgehogCycling has photos of the some of the best of the 101 bicyclettes...

Harrogate town centre during the Tour

War memorial, Harrogate

The finish line of Stage 1, on Saturday 5th July, will be on West Park, near the Hotel du Vin. Arrangements have been made for the race organisers and TV crews, who will have an area reserved near the finish line, and for a spectator hub on West Park Stray, as well as big screens. Read about Harrogate town centre during the Tour...

Tour de France in Harrogate: where to park

Yorkshire Showground, Harrogate

As Harrogate town centre will be closed from 4am on Saturday 5th July, anyone coming by car will have to park outside the town. The main location is the Great Yorkshire Showground, with access to Harrogate via the Showground Greenway. There'll also be parking in fields on the other side of Harrogate, near Killinghall. Read more about where to park in Harrogate during the Tour de France...

Tour de France in Harrogate: news

Tour de France in Harrogate news: final preparations in Harrogate

2nd July 2014

TV crew in front of the Cavendish & Horses

Some of the TV crews are in Harrogate, and the Fan Park is being built on the Stray. Read about final preparations for the Tour in Harrogate...

Tour de France in Harrogate news: Tour decorations around Harrogate

29th June 2014

Tour de France bunting outside Harrogate Library

With less than a week to go until the Tour de France, Harrogate is getting ready, with Tour-related decorations around the town. See a video and photos of the Tour decorations in Harrogate...

Tour de France in Harrogate news: Tour makeover in the Borough

28th June 2014

G and Ts ice cream parlour, Risplith

With a week to go until the race, Harrogate Borough is getting a Tour de France makeover. G&T's ice cream parlour, at Risplith, has gone the whole nine yards, repainting their premises in Tour colours. The bunting has gone up at Ripley, and Sawley has a series of Tour de France mannequin figures. See more photos and read about Harrogate Borough's Tour de France makeover...

Tour de France in Harrogate news: bunting goes up

7th June 2014

Tour de France bunting in Harrogate

Some of the Tour de France bunting has gone up in Harrogate. A number of strings of knitted mini-Tour de France jerseys have been hung near the Empress roundabout. We anticipate that more will be strung up to decorate the town between now and the Tour.

Tour de Bunting jerseys in Harrogate

Tour de France in Harrogate news: stained glass in place

4th June 2014

Tour de France stained glass in Harrogate by Caryl Hallett

The Tour de France-themed stained glass window, made by Caryl Hallett (as we reported on 11th April 2014), is now in place at the top of Montpellier Hill, Harrogate. HedgehogCycling thinks it's a superb piece of work, which should serve as a reminder of the Tour de France in Harrogate for many years to come. Click on these photos to enlarge:

Tour de France stained glass Harrogate   Tour de France stained glass Harrogate   Tour de France stained glass Harrogate

Tour de France in Harrogate news: 12,000 people expected in Ripley

27th May 2014

Ripley Castle

Up to 12,000 people are expected to watch the Tour de France in Ripley. The village, which on the route of Stage 1, on Saturday 5th July 2014, just a few miles before the finish in Harrogate, believes that this is Ripley's chance to shine. 'It's one of the world's biggest events...we are going French for a full two weeks,' said Lady Emma Ingilby. There'll be camping, parking, food and drink, and children's activities. Read about the Tour de France in Ripley...

Tour de France in Harrogate news: anti-Tour de France Harrogate letter attracts little support

1st May 2014

Harrogate tourist information

A reader's letter published in the Harrogate Advertiser complaining about the Tour de France says 'this level of disruption is totally unacceptable.' The letter, claiming to represent the views of the 'silent majority' of Harrogate residents, sends the message to Le Tour that it is not welcome in these numbers. However, there was little support for these views below the line. One commenter described the letter as 'short-sighted', 'selfish', 'nonsense' and 'ridiculous'. Read more about the anti-Tour de France Harrogate letter...

Tour de France in Harrogate news: Kittel's Giant Shimano team recce the Harrogate stage

25th April 2014

Giant Shimano spent three days in Yorkshire from Easter Monday, 21st April 2014. They did training rides, to recce the Yorkshire stages of the Tour. On Tuesday, they rode the last 100km of Stage 2, and on Monday and Wednesday, they tackled the finish of Stage 1 to Harrogate. Read about Giant Shimano's Yorkshire TDF recce...

Tour de France in Harrogate news: Tour artwork in Harrogate

11th April 2014

Tour de France murals on The Factory, Harrogate, by James Straffon

Artist Caryl Hallett has created a Tour de France-themed stained glass window, reports the Harrogate Advertiser. It will be encased and fitted within a stone wall, and permanently sited at the junction of Montpellier Hill and Parliament Street in Harrogate, from 'early summer'.

Meanwhile, the Yorkshire Post reports that paintings of famous Tour riders have been added to the outside wall of The Factory in Harrogate. The 8ft by 8ft murals by artist James Straffon are portraits of cycling legends, including Harry Binns of Harrogate, Brian Robinson of Huddersfield, Tommy Simpson of Doncaster, and Mark Cavendish. (From left to right, they are: Fausto Coppi, Brian Robinson, Harry Binns, Jacques Anquetil, Tommy Simpson, Barry Hoban, Eddy Mercks and Mark Cavendish).

More of James Straffon's work will be on display at the 'Carbon, Sulphur and Paint' exhibition, at Red House Originals, 15 Cheltenham Mount, Harrogate, from 7th June 2014.

Tour de France in Harrogate news: On Your Bike Cycling Exhibition

5th April 2014

Royal Pump Rooms, Harrogate

A cycling exhibition is coming to Harrogate Borough. 'On Your Bike' is a touring oral history exhibition, exploring and celebrating the history of cycling in the local area. One of the highlights is a 'listening station' set in a basket on a bike, where visitors can hear extracts of interviews with local cyclists, including champion rider Beryl Burton. The dates are:

  • 22nd March to 21st April 2014, Ripon Workhouse museum
  • 23rd April to 5th May 2014, Masham Town Hall
  • 7th May to 2nd June 2014, Knaresborough Library
  • 4th to 16th June 2014, Fewston church
  • 18th June to 13th July 2014, Royal Pump Room museum

Tour de France in Harrogate news: Y14 conference in Harrogate with 100 days to go

29th March 2014

Harrogate International Centre

Welcome to Yorkshire's Y14 conference took place at Harrogate International Centre on 27th March 2014, with 100 days to go until the Tour. The event also launched the Yorkshire Festival

The Harrogate Advertiser reports that the conference was attended by 2,000 people, and five international TV crews. Gary Verity of Welcome to Yorkshire, and Christian Prudhomme, Director of the Tour, were both present, as was 81-year-old Brian Robinson, the first British winner of a Tour de France stage. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg was also at the conference.

A new 3-day race in Yorkshire, to take place annually from 2015, was anounced. It has been agreed by ASO (the Tour organisers), Welcome to Yorkshire, and British Cycling. The official anthem of the Grand Départ, The Road, was performed by Alistair Griffin and the Grimethorpe Colliery Band.

Tour de Bunting: Harrogate has enough mini-Tour jerseys!

25th March 2014

Tour de Bunting jerseys, Harrogate

Harrogate Borough Council announced on 21st March 2014 that they have 'more than sufficient' mini Tour jerseys. 

As we reported previously, the Tour de Bunting was launched in November 2013 at the Knitting and Stitching Show. At the time, the council hoped to receive 3,000 mini Tour jerseys, to be used as bunting in Harrogate, but the project caught many people's imaginations, and The Guardian reports that some have been sent in from Switzerland, Canada and Bermuda. The idea has now been taken up in Cambridge

Harrogate council has now received 22,529 jerseys, which break down as follows:

  • 8,087 yellow
  • 7,017 green
  • 5,480 white
  • 1,945 polka dot

Although no more jerseys are required, the council is looking for help stringing them onto cords, prior to being hung up. The first session was on Monday 17th March 2014, and more will be held. 

The jerseys are due to be hung up in Harrogate in May 2014, and will remain in place until September. If they are still in suitable condition, they will then be sewn together, into blankets, which will be donated to Oxfam.

101 decorated bicycles for Harrogate - 101 Bicyclettes

1st March 2014

101 bicyclettes, Harrogate, Montpellier St

Harrogate BC has launched a programme to place 101 decorated bicycles around the borough. Called '101 bicyclettes', the number is appropriate because the 2014 Tour de France is the 101st edition.

The council is suggesting to residents and groups that they find old, unusable bikes, and decorate them with paint, wrapping paper, lights, or flowers. The bikes can then be displayed in gardens or public spaces, or on buildings or shop fronts. 

There are ideas for decoration on this Leefest page, and on the Real Cycling blog. 

The Pinewoods Conservation Group is planning to take part, and to place ten bikes around Harrogate's Pinewoods, in what they are calling the Tour de Pinewoods. They are asking local businesses to sponsor some of the bikes, with a £45 charity donation.

Harrogate council makes Tour de France grants to community groups

1st February 2014

Harrogate council has made a number of grants to community groups, for Tour de France legacy projects. This includes money for the Tour de Starbeck trail, and for Harrogate Cycle Action. Read about Harrogate council's grants to community groups for Tour de France projects...

Cavendish's whole year is about Harrogate

1st February 2014

In an interview with the Independent, Mark Cavendish has said that his whole year is about Harrogate. He also predicted that the Grand Départ of the Tour de France will be 'massive' and 'spectacular'. Read Mark Cavendish's thought's on the Tour de France in Harrogate...

Harrogate town centre during the Tour de France

29th January 2014

Hotel du Vin & War Memorial, Harrogate

Plans for Harrogate town centre on the day of Stage 1 of the Tour de France 2014 (5th July 2014) are taking shape.

There will be a private area on one side of West Park, reserved for the race organisers and TV crews. The other side of the road, around the war memorial, will be a public viewing area with grandstands, organised by Welcome to Yorkshire.

Read more about plans for Harrogate town centre on the day of Stage 1, Tour de France 2014, and see a map...

Harrogate road closures for the Tour de France

24th January 2014

North Yorkshire County Council has announced that roads on the route of the Tour will be closed for at least 8 hours

On 5th July 2014 (Stage 1), in Harrogate Borough, this affects the A6108 from Jervaulx to Binsoe and from West Tanfield to the Ripon bypass; the A61 Ripon bypass to the New Park roundabout; the A61 Ripon Road in Harrogate; and Parliament Street, Harrogate. Further, most of Harrogate town centre will be closed to traffic.

On 6th July 2014 (Stage 2), the roads in Harrogate Borough which are affected are the A59 from Moor Monkton to the A658/A59 roundabout; the A658/A59 roundabout to the Empress roundabout; the Empress roundabout to the A59/B6161 roundabout; and along the A59 to Blubberhouses Moor.

Read about road closures in North Yorks for the Tour de France...

Yorkshire Festival to be launched in Harrogate

18th January 2014

Harrogate International Centre

The Yorkshire Festival is to be launched in Harrogate on 27th March 2014, one hundred days before the Tour de France. A chat-show style event will be held at Harrogate International Centre, hosted by sports presenter Rob Walker. Read more about the launch of the Yorkshire Festival in Harrogate...

Harrogate Tour de France window display wins prize

11th January 2014

According to a report on the Harrogate BC website, Harrogate Tourist Information Centre has been given a prize for its window display. Welcome to Yorkshire ran a competition amongst tourist information centres along the route of the Tour de France 2014 for the best Tour de France window display, and Harrogate was the winner.

Tour de France garden

11th January 2014

World's End, Knaresborough

Harrogate Borough Council is to create a Tour de France garden for the Harrogate Spring Flower Show. The garden will then find a permanent home at World's End, Knaresborough. Read more about the Tour de France garden...

Tour de France sculpture competition winner

21st December 2013

The winner of a competition among Harrogate College students, to design a TDF-related sculpture, has been chosen. Read about the TDF sculpture competition winner...

Tour de Bunting update

21st December 2013

A month into Harrogate BC's 'Tour de Bunting' appeal, the council has so far received 212 mini-Tour de France jerseys, which will be used to decorate public spaces in Harrogate for the Tour. They hope that more than 3000 will be knitted in total.

Suspension of Stray Act for Tour de France

29th November 2013

Harrogate Stray

Harrogate BC seeks to suspend the Stray Act for the Tour...

Tour de Bunting

24th November 2013

Tour de Bunting yellow jerseys

Harrogate BC asks knitters to make mini TDF jerseys as bunting...

Tour de France tree sculpture in Harrogate

5th November 2013

Tour de France tree sculpture, Harrogate

Tour de France tree sculpture completed...

Camp site for TDF at Great Yorkshire Showground

5th November 2013

Great Yorkshire Showground's caravan & camp site opening for Tour de France...

Rudding Park 'Ride le Route'

26th October 2013

Rudding Park Hotel launches 'Ride le Route' package...

Starbeck spectator hub

19th October 2013

Starbeck to set up spectator hub for the Tour de France...

Harrogate's £785,000 Tour de France bill

12th October 2013

Harrogate to spend £785,000 hosting the Tour de France...

Read all the latest news of the UK stages of the Tour de France 2014...

Tour de France in Harrogate: the Tour de France and Harrogate Borough Council

Harrogate tourist information

Harrogate Borough Council produced a report on the Tour de France in August 2013, as a basis for the approval of the contracts and financing related to the race. 

The report states Yorkshire's objective of creating a lasting legacy for cycling, tourism and culture. This is fundamental. There will be a festival with lots of different events, in the one hundred days leading up to the race, which will be part of the cultural aspect. 

The cost of the race (for the three UK stages) is estmated at £21m, of which £11m will be provided by local authorities, and £10m will come from central government. Harrogate BC's contribution is £785,000, which does not include highways, as they are the responsibility of North Yorkshire County Council.

There will be a basic requirement of 10,000 bed nights of accommodation, for teams, logistics and media. Overall, Yorkshire expects to exceed the £73m of benefit estimated to have been generated for London, when it hosted part of the 2007 Tour de France.  

The council has produced a series of Tour de France leaflets to help and advise people on various aspects of the Tour de France, including pop-up campsites, and renting out a house, or setting up a B&B. 

For example, in its campsites leaflet, the Council advises that no planning permission is required for a temporary (not more than 28 days) site in an open field. Temporary car parks are possible without permission in certain circumstances, but the Tour de France organisers ask that charges don't exceed the equivalent of €10 per day. The house rental and B&B leaflet says there are no council rules preventing renting out your house, and B&Bs for up to six guests do not normally require permission. Community parties are possible on fields and village greens, but will require permission to take place on the public road.

Some of the plans being made by Nigel Avison, Director of Development Services at Harrogate Borough Council, were reported by the Harrogate Advertiser on 21st September 2013. All-weather matting is to be laid on The Stray, so that Tour vehicles can be parked there (now that permission has been obtained for a derogation from the Stray Act). Spectator stands will be built along West Park, for the finish, and the Harrogate International Centre will be transformed into a media centre. There'll be an official spectator hub on West Park Stray from Thursday 3rd to Sunday 6th July, with local market produce and a big screen. All road furniture will be removed from the New Park roundabout (otherwise known as the Little Wonder roundabout) to the finish near the Hotel du Vin on West Park. Harrogate town centre will be closed to traffic for 18 hours from the early hours of Saturday 5th July 2014.

Tour de France in Harrogate: where to stay in Harrogate during the Tour de France 2014

Crown Hotel, Harrogate

It is thought that about 300,000 people will visit Harrogate during the two days of the Tour de France. 

There are many hotels in Harrogate, but some are likely to be booked up well before the day of the race. At the luxury end of the market, Rudding Park Hotel will accommodate three of the teams during the Tour. They have also launched 'Ride le Route', which is a package including a two-night stay for people who wish to tackle the route of Stage 1 in advance of the Tour. It's available from March 2014.

At the start of February 2014, the Harrogate Advertiser found all but three hotels in the town full booked, and most with a waiting list.

For self-catering, Harrogate Holidays have a number of properties on their books.

There's also the possibility of renting accommodation in private houses. Airbnb is a well-known site which lists private accommodation available to visitors.

The Great Yorkshire Showground has recently obtained planning permission for a caravan and camp site, which will be open in time for the Tour de France.

There will also be pop-up campsites, of the type forseen by Harrogate council. Campsites are to be set up by Harrogate rugby club, Spofforth Cricket Club, Birstwith Strawberry Farm, Brimham Rocks, Blubberhouses Cricket Club, and many other locations.

Read more about where to stay in Harrogate during the Tour de France 2014 and where to camp during the Tour de France.

Tour de France in Harrogate: where to park

Yorkshire Showground

There'll be Tour de France parking at the Great Yorkshire Showground on the edge of Harrogate. 

The Showground is an official location for coach parking, and a public car park, with the car park open from 4am on Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th July 2014. The fee is £10 per day, payable in cash only on the day. On Saturday 5th July 2014, it won't be possible to get any further into Harrogate after 4am, when Harrogate town centre closes to traffic for Stage 1. There'll be a 2-mile walk or cycle into the town centre from the Showground, starting on the Showground Greenway

Yorkshire Showground Greenway

The Harrogate Advertiser suggests that traffic will also be directed to car parks in private fields on the Killinghall side of Harrogate.