APPGCW manifesto

13th February 2020

APPGCW manifesto
APPGCW Manifesto

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Cycling and Walking (APPGCW) has launched a manifesto for cycling and walking. It sets out the key funding and policy priorities needed to increase active travel.


There is a clear case for investment, according to the APPGCW, with £5.50 of benefits for every £1 spent. UK spending of £7.50 per person per year compares with £26 in the Netherlands. Manchester is proposing £50.

There should be a target to increase cycling from 2% of journeys to 10% by the end of the decade, and to 25% as soon as possible thereafter.

The manifesto notes that ebikes have a broader appeal than conventional bikes, and e-cargo bikes could carry about 30% of goods in towns and cities.

Policy framework

The APPGCW puts forward these policy ideas:

The manifesto closes with these words: "The time is right for bold action - the benefits for citizens and communities across the UK would be profound."