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Red kite

Red kite at the Yorkshire Showground

Yorkshire wildlife: weekly photo

Yorkshire wildlife: weekly photo: Monday 11th June 2018

House sparrow, Bilton Lane

This is a house sparrow chirruping its heart out on a wall by Bilton Lane, Harrogate. I like the way the evening light catches its eye and shows the colours of its feathers to their best advantage.

Sparrows love Bilton Lane. The hedges there provide ideal cover for the little birds, and they dive in and out, competing with each other to make the most racket.

It's a filtered road, with no through traffic, where wildlife and people can thrive. It's England as it was before motor vehicles dominated everything else, an England for people, animals and birds, not cars. Some at North Yorkshire County Council want to turn Bilton Lane into a major road, carrying 1,000 vehicles per hour. It is impossible to do that without changing the character of Bilton Lane altogether - and ruining it. There's a community action group dedicated to fighting these plans and saving the Nidd Gorge.

Archived Yorkshire wildlife weekly photos.

Yorkshire wildlife: brown hare

Hare at Studley Royal

The brown hare, or European hare, is a charismatic wild resident of Yorkshire. This non-native species has been in Britain since Roman times at least. Preferring arable land, or grassland with hedges, brown hares are most likely to be seen in the spring. That's the time of year when they may display 'boxing' behaviour.

Read about the brown hare.

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Save our wildlife - don't drive so fast

3rd July 2017

Brown hare, North Yorkshire

An otherwise delightful Sunday morning bike ride was blighted by the sight of too many fresh animal carcasses, the creatures killed by speeding cars. Could we change the law, or change our driving culture, and save our wildlife? Read about save our wildlife - don't drive so fast.

Yorkshire wildlife: weekly photo: archive

Yorkshire wildlife: weekly photo: Monday 4th June 2018

Red squirrel, Yorkshire Dales

This photo was taken on 22nd May 2018, at Snaizeholme, near Hawes, in the Yorkshire Dales. The Widdale Red Squirrel Reserve has a viewing area - a clearing in the woods where food is provided for the squirrels. They are easy to see and photograph there. The tufty-eared rodent in the picture was a short distance away from the viewing area, collecting moss from the forest floor.

Yorkshire wildlife: weekly photo: Sunday 27th May 2018

Hare at Studley Royal

This photo was taken on 19th May 2018. I sat quietly at the edge of a field at Studley Royal, and waited. The hare was eating, grooming, and generally taking a Saturday morning lollop. Luckily, it gradually came closer to me. When it was on the other side of the pile of logs, it took a peek in my direction.

Brown hare at Studley Red squirrelHare at Studley

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