Brexit Party won't stand against Cons

11th November 2019

Farage, by Gage Skidmore, Licence CC BY-SA 2.0

Nigel Farage today announced that his Brexit Party won't stand in seats with a sitting Tory MP.

In effect, this makes it official: there's nothing between the Brexit Party and the Conservatives. They have the same policy.

If you think that Farage is a decent person, who wants what's best for everyone in the UK, you can vote Conservative and get the same thing.

If you think that Farage is a dangerous populist, stoking tensions with his divisive rhetoric, don't vote for him - and don't vote for his political bedfellows the Tories.

The Conservatives are now a party of xenophobia and English nationalism. Farage in effect endorses them. If you find Farage's views abhorrent, don't vote Conservative.

Nick Boles on 'compulsive liar' Boris Johnson

Former Conservative MP Nick Boles wrote an article for the London Evening Standard today, saying that the choice between Corbyn and Johnson is appalling.

Boles writes of Johnson: 'In the blue corner we have a compulsive liar who has betrayed every single person he has ever had any dealings with: every woman who has ever loved him, every member of his family, every colleague, every employee, every constituent..."You can always rely on let you down"...He will betray the NHS in a heartbeat, if that is what it takes to get a trade deal out of his role model - Donald Trump.'