Cons against the environment

7th November 2019

Fire buckets
Fire buckets, by Allan Harris, Licence CC BY-ND 2.0

The Conservative candidate for Reading East has no idea about the severity of the climate crisis. He thinks it's 'a theory that relies on shaky evidence.' He thinks climate change has been "overexaggerated".

He thinks he knows better than the 11,000 climate scientists who said yesterday that the world is facing a climate emergency.

Meanwhile, Conservative central office has told candidates not to sign any pledges on the environment. The Tories want to take 'reasonable steps' to tackle the climate crisis, while keeping the bills down.

It's proof that the Cons just don't understand the scale of the problem. A cup of water might be 'reasonable' if the question is 'do you want a cup of tea?', but not if your house is on fire.

The Tories have put a temporary hold on fracking, with very convenient timing just before the election - having promoted it and overruled local planning decisions in favour of the frackers for years. Who would trust them to stick to it if the British people are foolish enough to vote them back in? You'd have to be a mug.

You can't trust the Tories on the environment. If you want a habitable planet, please don't vote for them.