Cons against warm homes

4th November 2019

Loft insulation
Loft insulation

The Conservatives are against a policy to insulate UK homes and make them more efficient. The move would lower people's energy bills, and help tackle the climate crisis.

The policy, called Warm Homes for All, was put forward by the Labour party on Sunday.

The Cons claim that it would 'wreck the economy', but do they have any credibility on the economy and spending?

The Johnson Brexit deal involves deliberately making the UK £70bn poorer. At the same time, in a desperate and cynical attempt to get votes, Johnson is splurging cash and promising to splurge cash in every direction. Tory governments have so far spent £8.3bn on no-deal Brexit planning. That's £8.3 billion.

That includes £100 million of public money on pathetic and misguided advertising trying to scare people into thinking we were leaving the EU on 31st October 2019. We didn't. It was always unlikely. That looks like public money spent on party propaganda.

Remember, the liars in the Leave campaign conned people into believing Brexit was going to make the UK money, which could be spent on the NHS. Nothing could be further from the truth. It was always a lie.

Zero carbon homes

The Cons inherited a policy that all new houses should be zero-carbon from 2016, but they cancelled it under David Cameron in 2015. At the time, their decision was described as short-term, unnecessary, retrograde, and damaging.

We need a habitable planet, not runaway global heating. You can't trust the Tories on the environment. Please don't vote for them.