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Arrangements in Harrogate town centre for the Tour de France 2014

29th January 2014

Harrogate town centre Tour de France map

Plans for Harrogate town centre on the day of Stage 1 of the Tour de France 2014 are taking shape. 

Update 2nd July 2014: we produced the map above on the basis of the information available in January 2014. Harrogate Borough Council and the Tour de France have recently produced a map with more details of the arrangements in Harrogate town centre.

Harrogate town centre & the Tour de France: the finish line

War memorial, Harrogate

The Harrogate Advertiser reports that one side of West Park, between Montpellier Hill and the finish line at the Hotel du Vin (area 1 on the map above), will be a private area reserved for the race organisers, Amaury Sports Organisers (ASO). There will be hospitality, TV crews, the podium, and the officials and race control team in that section.

Hotel du Vin, Harrogate  Stand being built outside Hotel du Vin, Harrogate

The other side of the road, around the war memorial (area 2 on the above map), will be a public viewing area, organised by Welcome to Yorkshire. There will be two grandstands. (Update: HedgehogCycling understands that the public grandstands may not now happen, and this whole area could be private).

Harrogate town centre & the Tour de France: West Park Stray spectator hub and big screens

West Park Stray, Harrogate

West Park Stray is the location for an official spectator hub in Harrogate, running from Thursday 3rd to Sunday 6th July 2014. Entry to the hub is free. Organisers will begin to prepare and set up the hub from the weekend before the race (28th & 29th June 2014), and race organisers ASO will arrive in Harrogate on Wednesday 2nd July 2014, to prepare the finish line. This was reported in the Advertiser on 3rd April 2014 - Harrogate Town Centre Lockdown! The West Park Stray hub is to be a VeloGoGo Tour de France Fan Park. (The other such fan parks are all in London, at the Olympic Park, Canary Wharf, Green Park, and Trafalgar Square). There'll be merchandise stalls, food, live music, and a big screen.

As well as the big screen on West Park Stray, there'll be another by the Crescent Gardens, opposite the Royal Hall. The screens will show Stage 1 of the Tour de France, on 5th July 2014. (There is a football World Cup quarter final match that day, but it won't be shown).

Crescent Gardens, Harrogate

The West Park screen will cover the Tour from the time of the presentation of the riders on Thursday 3rd July, reports the Northern Echo. It will also have cinema screenings. On 6th July 2014, the Harrogate Advertiser says there is a possibility of the Wimbledon's men's singles final being shown on the screens - but then what about Stage 2 of the Tour de France?

Hotel du Vin & war memorial, Harrogate   Royal Hall, Harrogate

Harrogate town centre & the Tour de France: road re-surfacing and street furniture

The final 2km of Stage 1, from the New Park roundabout to West Park (as far as the Prince of Wales of roundabout), will be re-surfaced. All the old street furniture (islands, bollards, and traffic lights) will be removed, and replaced with rubber items, which can be bolted into place, then removed on the day of the race. There will be barriers on both sides of the road on this section.

Harrogate town centre & the Tour de France: road closures and parking restrictions

Tour de France road closures sign in Harrogate

The Advertiser's report of 3rd April says that Harrogate town centre will be closed to traffic for 18 hours on Saturday 5th July 2014, from 4am to 10pm. 

The roads closed will be all those within the area bounded by West Park, Parliament Street, Montpellier Hill, Royal Parade, Crescent Road, Swan Road, Cornwall Road, King's Road, Springfield Avenue, Cheltenham Mount, Bower Street, Lower Station Parade, Station Parade, and Station Bridge. This North Yorkshire County Council TDF Harrogate town centre road closures map shows the extent of the closures.

(See also information on road closures for the Tour in North Yorkshire, and the rest of Yorkshire).

There'll be parking restrictions in the days leading up to the weeknd of the race. Once the town centre is closed to traffic, all vehicles will be directed to Tour de France parking at the Great Yorkshire Showground, or to car parks in private fields on the Killinghall side of town. The Advertiser also says that there'll be a 2-mile greenway from theShowground to the town centre, so that people can walk or cycle it.