HDCA website launch

28th February 2020

HDCA website
HDCA website

Harrogate District Cycle Action (HDCA) has launched a new website, alongside an updated manifesto and refreshed social media accounts.

The website invites local people to sign up as HDCA supporters. They can then add their own ideas about Harrogate District's cycle routes to local area pages, comment on news posts, and ask or answer questions in the forum. They'll also receive a quarterly newsletter.


Objectives set out in the manifesto include identifying cyclists' needs and priorities, and working for better facilities so that people can make local journeys by bike. HDCA aim to be the voice of people who ride bikes, or those who would like to, in Harrogate District.

Social Media

HDCA's Twitter account is aiming to generate interest, support and engagement, and there's a presence on other social media too.

Chair of HDCA

The Chair of HDCA Kevin Douglas said that now that the county council has dropped its relief road plan, it is looking at sustainable transport options. Harrogate Borough Council is also in favour.

"There are plans in the pipeline for some development, but these have been delayed and progress has been slow - it is over 3 years since a new stretch of cycle path was developed in the District - and we want to be able to make the case for more to be built to help reduce congestion and pollution."

While we have had cycling events, "...if there are no safe, segregated cycleways for people to use, then it just leads to frustration."

Anyone who wants to support the campaign can sign up here.