Johnson supresses Russia report

5th November 2019


Conservative party leader Johnson is suppressing a Parliamentary report into Russian interference in the British political process.

The BBC reports that Johnson is stalling on releasing the report, hoping it can be covered up until after the General Election. A former head of MI5 has called for the report to be released, while a Conservative minister has made unbelievable excuses about not wanting to 'rush the process'.

The report by Parliament's Intelligence & Security Committee includes evidence of Russian efforts to interfere in and influence the 2016 Referendum and the 2017 General Election. Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee Dominic Grieve says there is no legitimate reason for delaying publication of the report, and publication has already been approved by the intelligence agencies.

If the report were favourable to Johnson, it would already have been published. Since he is desperate to cover it up, it must be deeply damaging to him.

Putin's Russia is an enemy of Britain. Putin and Russia are delighted by the EU Referendum result they helped orchestrate, because it leaves Britain poorer and more isolated, and Europe divided. The Russians want Johnson to win the 2019 General Election, because they think he will push through his disastrous Brexit plan, inflicting damage on Britain that we won't recover from for decades.

There was a time when accusations would have been levelled at the Labour party, that they were too close to 'the Commies' in Russia. It's a strange turn of events that the Tories and the Russians have become bedfellows.

You can't trust the Tories. Please don't vote for them.