Johnson underwhelms flood victims

13th November 2019

Flooding near Doncaster
Flooding at Bentley in 2007, by Chris Northwood, Licence CC BY-SA 2.0

Boris Johnson finally visited South Yorkshire today, several days after the flooding began.

Locals who had been battling the waters since Saturday were not impressed.

'It took you over five days,' one woman told him. 'You should have been there on Saturday morning, having a meeting, making sure that these people get help and support. And I'm sorry, but your announcements yesterday were a pittance.'

Ever since 90,000 odd Tory members voted him into the office of Prime Minister, Johnson's strategy has been to divide the country, and troll anyone who wants Britain to stay in the EU. It's perhaps not surprising, then, that he is unpopular when he actually meets real people.

Johnson has convinced a proportion of voters that Brexit will help them in some mysterious way, despite all the evidence pointing to the opposite conclusion. He is relying on people in places like Doncaster to put him back in Downing Street.

This could be the wake-up call voters need: Johnson doesn't give a fig about you. He can't be bothered to turn up promptly when your community floods. Everything is a joke and a game to him. All he is interested in is photo opportunities with a mop.

The only reason Johnson backed Brexit was because he calculated it would help his career. Maybe it could also make fellow-toff Jacob Rees-Mogg even richer, if his investment fund has less regulation to deal with.

Does Johnson really think Brexit will help the people of Doncaster? Of course not. He doesn't give a stuff about anyone in the north of England; he doesn't give a stuff about anyone but himself. He is using Brexit and using Brexit supporters to further his own career. Don't be taken in.