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The Peeky Rider: spring, Lennon, laminate flooring, & Cav

16th March 2014

There’s something about Spring that for me brings a certain poignancy, a feeling of aching melancholia, one that many feel when confronted with the fragility of life, the transience of beauty - like a rose pressed between the pages of time, or the latest series of Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway. Perhaps it was the drawing out of the nights, the appearance of Wordsworth’s Daffodils.

For a pound a bunch.

In Tescos.

Whatever the reason, I was looking for some sustenance for the soul and along with the rest of mankind in times of need I looked to Smooth FM. Where upon my ears were assailed by a man who understood, not only where I was coming from, but could express it in a mildly nasal tone and with a plodding tune that would slow down a funeral.

To many John Lennon was a visionary, a man of insight and perception – wise beyond his comedy scouse accent and love of a lie in. Never more has this sagacity been evident than when The Lennon requested, in that plaintive northern tone, whilst sat at an unfeasibly white grand piano, that we should imagine “all the people, living for today, living life in peace.” So OK I’m going to give it a go…imagine…imagine….

.I’m picturing large white billowing net curtains! Darnation that’s the video!… I’m trying again...imagine…imagine a...

Wait up a minute! Lets take a logical approach to this. So, OK, I’m trying to imagine people from Greenwich clockwise, to me that makes sense…There’s a man and wife in their early sixties down from, from…Worksop. He’s ex-armed forces and she was a manager in a care home, she found them a deal at the Premier Inn, that one by Earl’s Court…and…they’re eating sandwiches, ham and piccalilli, but its not the right piccalilli. He’s saying he doesn’t like Morrison’s! There’s an awkward silence…She looks across to the Thames, she likes the way the sun bounces off the water, she takes a breath, his voice fades into the background…it feels so good to be away from everyone. Mom will be fine she thinks and carefully starts on the mini-cheddars packed for him. She appreciates the damp crackle of the biscuit as much as his look of hurt surprise as he quickly picks up another sandwich…

Anyway that’s two of all the people! Frankly imagining all the people is going to take ages.

My problem is that blandly invoked introspection floats my boat as effectively it does a Libyan dinghy with a one-way ticket to Malta. But with spring in the air, a time of rebirth and renewal (yes Brandhall library, I will use the online facility), perhaps it is the time for more genuine reflection, perhaps we all need to take a moment to reflect - reflect on how things might have been different. Personally my biggest regret of the last 12 months is when my office colleague told me he’d gone to watch Skyfall at the local IMAX theatre and I didn’t ask him if there was a big Q.

So as spring has sprung, and many of us have finally accepted that our new year resolutions were about as realistic as a Richard Branson moon shot. So pragmatism dictates we must decide what’s right for us and what we actually need in order to achieve personal contentment. For a certain Mark Cavendish whose move to OPQS wasn’t as smooth as the laminate flooring he helped promote he initially struggled to adapt as the standards of excellence he demanded of himself and those around him, weren’t quite what he was used you. But, to see him back in the leaders jersey after the first stage of the Tirreno-Adriatico - and the accompanying huge smile on his man-boy face. Well, I’m no psycho-analyst but it appears that this is an athlete that feels at peace with the world, all of the world, and that’s not my imagination.

The Peeky Rider

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