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The Peeky Rider

Our guest blogger, the Peeky Rider, with his thoughts on cycling issues, including nutrition, and Wiggo-related heckling. 

Spring, Lennon, laminate flooring, and Cavendish

16th March 2014

There's something about spring that for me brings a certain poignancy, a feeling of aching melancholia, one that many feel when confronted with the fragility of life, the transience of beauty - like a rose pressed between the pages of time, or the latest series of Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway. Perhaps it was the drawing out of the night, the appearance of Wordsworth's Daffodils. For a pound a bunch. In Tescos.

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14th December 2013

In the process of dropping Jr Rider’s dinner money off at his primary school reception, I couldn’t help but notice the sign on the window “You are welcome to breast feed here”. A short, and, I felt, overly terse discussion with the receptionist clarified the situation. You could say she gave me a right mouthful! Though of course she didn’t, not even enough to whiten my Costa. It just goes to show what a fine line it is between what’s advertised as being good for you, and what can result in a hefty fine and a banning order. 

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Oi Wiggo!

6th November 2013

“Oi Wiggo! Slow down!” So bellowed the builder as I hurtled past on the morning commute. Never sure on how to respond to the working class since becoming upper working class, I gave a cheery wave and swore loudly. Its July 2012, Sir Bradley had just become the first Briton to win the Tour de France and with the Olympics just weeks away the sporting imagination of the British Public was captured. Meanwhile, all bases covered I continued on my way, the screen goes wavy and we find ourselves back in the present...

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The Peeky Rider

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