Lindley Moor & Lindley Wood Mountain Bike Ride

Bridleway through Lindley Wood
Lindley Wood

This is a mountain bike from the Stainburn Moor car park on Norwood Lane. (Note: this page is not about the downhill mountain bike trails in the Warren and Norwood Edge Plantations).

This ride is:

It can be a muddy experience in Winter: your shoes are unlikely to stay clean and dry, so the best bet may be to wear them when you take a bath after the ride.

Lindley Moor & Lindley Wood Mountain Bike Ride: Map

I've mapped the ride on You can download a GPS file from there if you wish.

Lindley Moor & Lindley Wood Mountain Bike Ride: Route Notes

Leaving the car park ride due south through the forest. When you emerge from the trees, open a gate and continue straight on, on a farm track. Lindley Moor is to your right.

There are a couple more gates, then you reach a junction. Don't turn left, go straight on - through a gate and across a stream (West Beck). If you've brought an Ark with you, it will come in handy.

Now the route is uphill and grassy; then it becomes a watery track once again and reaches the B6161 Leathley Lane. Turn right on the B-road, and right again after about 200m, on Pill White Lane.

Fork right off Pill White Lane towards Lindley Green Farm. Immediately after the farm, fork left on a bridleway through Lindley Wood. This is a very nice part of the route.

When you emerge from the woods, you pass Lindley Wood Farm, then cross Greystone Beck. Ignore a footpath off to the left - follow a track instead, up towards the road near Buttoner House Farm. (Note: I had the impression here that the route of the bridleway may have changed slightly since my map was published - I'll check next time I do the ride, and report back).

Turn left on this very minor road. At a right angle bend to the left, leave the road, going straight on through a gate into the woods. This is an easy, wide track through Stainburn Forest.

Track through Stainburn Forest
Track through Stainburn Forest

The track bends right and runs along the edge of the forest. It brings you back to the point where you first exited the forest near the start of the ride. Turn left here to get back to the car park.