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Tour de France in Masham

King's Head, Masham

Stage one of the 2014 Tour de France passes through Masham between 15.31 and 15.53 on Saturday 5th July 2014. The Tour de France celebrations and activities in Masham (Le Grand Party Masham) are being organised by Masham Sports Association. This map gives the locations of the venues mentioned below:

Masham Tour de France map

Tour de France in Masham: what's on for the TDF weekend

The main venue for Tour de France events is the recreation ground by the river Ure, which is 100m from the route of Stage 1 (Saturday 5th July 2014). There are also events on the Shooting Holme, in the Town Hall, and on Masham Market Square. Masham School is to paint a huge sheep on the market square, which will be seen by the TV helicopters.

There'll be live music, a picnic area, street food, bouncy castles and a slide, a treaure hunt, and a big screen to watch race coverage. This is the schedule:

Tour de France in Masham: Friday 4th July 2014 (evening)

Live music, beer, and food on the Shooting Holme

Live music with Joe Longthorne in the Town Hall

Tour de France in Masham: Saturday 5th July 2014

0800 Roads into Masham town centre will be closed

0900 The TDF route in Masham will be closed

1110 Ceremonial start of the Tour in Leeds. There will be a 'big screen on the green' showing the whole of the day's Tour de France stage. It's on the recreation ground, where there will also be:

  • picnic area near the big screen, with two large bouncy castles and a slide
  • street food, including roast chicken, pizza, burgers, pancakes, and ice cream
  • drinks including milkshakes, French wines, and local beers
  • treasure hunt, starting from the recreation ground
  • temporary loos

Black Sheep brewery, Masham

1353 The publicity caravan appears. (This is based on the race organisers' timings. Masham Sports Association says it's from 12.45)

1531-1553 The race passes through Masham. Masham Events suggests that Low Burton (less than 1km beyond Masham on the Tour route) will be the best place to watch the riders come past, as they will slow down for two right angle bends

1620-1646 Race finishes in Harrogate

Evening: live entertainment on the Shooting Holme; live band in the market square

2230 Fireworks in Masham Market Square

Throughout the day on Saturday, there'll be:

  • flower festival at St Mary's Church
  • market on the market square
  • 'Best of Yorkshire' food and craft fair, and W.I., in the Town Hall
  • brewery visits

Market Square, Masham

Tour de France in Masham: Sunday 6th July 2014

Stage 2 of the Tour de France 2014 will be shown on the big screen, and refreshments will be available.

Tour de France in Masham: parking

Masham Sports Association says there is parking for 8,000 vehicles, at locations 1,7,8, and 9 on the above map. There is limited bike parking at the recreation ground.

Tour de France in Masham: where to stay

Masham Events suggests The Old Station caravan site as one option. Mashamshire Community Office is organising temporary campsites - contact them for details and bookings.

Tour de France in Masham: news

Tour de France in Masham news: bunting removed from lamp posts

23rd June 2014

Tour de France bunting in Harrogate Borough

Some of the mini-Tour de France jerseys, which were knitted in order to decorate Harrogate Borough in advance of the race, have been removed from lamp posts in Masham, the BBC reports.

Harrogate Borough Council hung strings of the jerseys on lamp posts in Masham, but North Yorkshire County Council raised safety concerns. They noticed that the posts (or lighting columns, as they call them) were leaning, and they were concerned that they could bend if the jerseys got wet and heavy.

Masham residents have now hung the jerseys from homes and businesses instead. Tessa Klemz of Mashamshire Community Office, said, 'We are all trying to make it a great event. There were 20,000 of these jumpers around the the district and it seemed such a shame to see them taken down and forgotten about so we thought we ought to get them back up again quick.'