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The Peeky Rider

Our guest blogger, the Peeky Rider, with his thoughts on Wiggo-related heckling. 

Oi Wiggo!

6th November 2013

“Oi Wiggo! Slow down!” So bellowed the builder as I hurtled past on the morning commute. Never sure on how to respond to the working class since becoming upper working class, I gave a cheery wave and swore loudly. Its July 2012, Sir Bradley had just become the first Briton to win the Tour de France and with the Olympics just weeks away the sporting imagination of the British Public was captured. Meanwhile, all bases covered I continued on my way, the screen goes wavy and we find ourselves back in the present...

Its Summer 2013 and Chris Froome. Froomey, Chrissy Boy, I could go on, Froome the Zoom, Sonic Froome, told you, became the 2nd Brit to win cycling’s most coveted prize in as many years. Though heralded in cycling circles, his victory failed to ignite the imagination of the broader public the way Wiggins had just 12 months earlier. But why? What would inspire a man filling a skip to hail me, as an athlete akin to Sir Bradley? Just 12 months later and no mention of the similarity of my cycling ability to the Murdoch backed beanpole has been made by anybody, whether filling a skip, emptying a skip, or else engaged in a non-skip based activity. No matter how many times I circled.

So why was I “Wiggo” in 2012 and a middle-aged no-mark in 2013…

Let’s consider the evidence

1) Physical resemblance: Immediately this is my favourite, Style, grace and speed have long been bywords of mine. I was at the fastest point in my journey when I was lauded as a cycling great, travelling at a handy 11 mph. And yes, I have got life insurance you epic loons! But OK, my sideburns are ill kempt, and I weighed over 15 stone so lets cross that off the list

2) Sporting icon: Sometimes a mixture of man and moment combine and a sporting behemoth is born, one that transcends their sport - think Pele, think Mohammed Ali, think Gail Emms. It’s possible that Wiggins is just that, and so anyone on a bike will be compared…

3) Wiggins got there first: Hey, we all remember the first time! Am I right? I know I do! And this last fortnight has been a love struck voyage of discovery, her faltering English, my pigeon Albanian, the engagement, the joyful surprise at meeting her 7 children, the dawn intervention of the Borders Agency (write me babes!). Anyway I digress, the point being that maybe winning the tour again was just old hat? It certainly didn’t help

4) Froome just wasn’t British enough: There are those that say the Nairobi born Froome who represented Kenya at the world cyclo-cross, road race championships, and Commonwealth games, who first visited the UK to represent SKY in the Tour of Britain and now lives in Monaco with his South African fiancee just isn’t British enough. The nerve! If he played cricket we’d make him captain of England.

Maybe we’ll never know, perhaps the cheery builder was actually an outpatient at the nearby mental health facility and was half-crazed and blinded by the sun. Oh well, just for a few moments I knew what it was like to be the coolest man in cycling. Until I got to work and sat down, sweating, at my desk whilst regretting they’d turned the shower room into a toilet for a midget. You don’t get that on the SKY bus.

The Peeky Rider

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