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Petition against beer bikes in Amsterdam

17th June 2015

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A petition against beer bikes in Amsterdam has collected over 6,000 signatures since it was launched on 9th April 2015, and will today be presented to the city council, reports Dutch website NOS.nl. The bikes are pedalled by tour company employees, with typically ten or so tourists sitting behind around a bar, but sometimes as many as seventeen.

The petition calls for a ban on beer bikes in the centre of Amsterdam. It says they are a source of annoyance for people who live in the city, who feel that the roads are already busy enough, and that residents' quality of life should be the foremost consideration for the city council.

Els Iping's name is the first on the petition. She told NOS, 'We think the beer bike is a frightful phenomenon. It is a nuisance, and there's no room for it. People have to run out of the way when a beer bike with its noisy revellers comes over the bridge. The city is being turned into a theme park. It's senseless. On a beer bike, the customers sit looking at each other, not at the city.'

Those signing the petition can also write a comment explaining why they want beer bikes to be banned.

Mieke Damave (petitioner number 4) wrote: '...we don't need mobile pubs, there are already enough good, actual pubs.'

Erica Van Haersma Buma (number 54) wrote: 'The city centre is becoming like a cross between an open air museum and a fairground. Quality of life is one of the last considerations.'

Egbert Bouwhuis (number 1074): 'Beer bikes hinder the passage of pedestrians and other traffic. Moreover, too often they're carrying boisterous, drunken passengers.'

Victor Rijnierse: 'It's a large vehicle, often driven by an incompetent person.'

Ard Karsten, a beer bike operator, told NOS, 'We've spoken to the city council. We ride an agreed, set route, can only take a limited amount of beer on board, and we don't use sound systems.' He said the beer limit was 20 litres for 17 people. (This UK website, however, mentions 30 litres of beer).

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