Public Support for Active Travel Measures

13th November 2020

Research shows active travel measures popular
Results of Kantar survey

Measures to reduce traffic and reallocate road space to walking and cycling are popular with the public, according to new research published today. It comes on the same day that the DfT announced allocations under Tranche 2 of the Emergency Active Travel Fund (EATF). North Yorkshire was awarded just over £1 million.

The research was carried out by Kantar for the DfT. They interviewed 2,211 adults in England between 22nd and 27th September 2020. There was majority support for EATF measures, in particular:

Parents with children were the most likely to support increased road safety.

Support for Reduction of Road Traffic

Support for reducing road traffic

The graphic above emphasises just how strong the support for reducing road traffic is: 77 or 78% in favour and only 13 or 14% against.

The report notes that those aged 45 or over were more supportive of reducing road traffic (79%) than younger people aged 16-24 (73%); but this isn't a big difference, and there is strong support among all age groups. People living in the south east and east of England were the most supportive of a reduction in road traffic.

Support for Reallocation of Road Space to Walking and Cycling

Kantar - support for reallocating road space

The percentages in favour of reallocating road space to walking and cycling are not quite as high as those wanting less road traffic; nevertheless, it is a thumping win for active travel.

Urban respondents were significantly more likely than those living in rural areas to strongly support reallocation of road space. Parents with children under 15 were also very supportive.