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Sky rider Wout Poels run off road by truck

11th August 2015

Poels' colleague Luke Rowe at the Tour de France 2015

Sky rider Wout Poels was today run off the road by a truck during a training ride with fellow professional Reinier Honig. The incident follows collisions in which racers Annemiek van Vleuten and Laurens ten Dam were hit by vehicles and injured, reports NOS.nl.

Poels tweeted about what happened when he and Honig were out riding in Ysselsteyn, in Limburg province, in south eastern Netherlands. He said they were deliberately run off the road by a truck from Van Zaal Transport, De Kwakel, and wondered whether to make a statement to the police.

Honig tweeted that he was 100% certain that the lorry driver's action was deliberate, and that they had to swerve onto the hard shoulder to avoid being run over. 

Poels was furious, and told NU.nl, 'the guy was completely mad. He drove us off the road. I rode into a pothole, and I was lucky to stay upright. As a road bike rider in the traffic, it's getting more difficult, I must say. This time, there was a whole truck and trailer coming at me. That's never happened to me before.'

Honig said, 'I ride in Zuid-Limburg a lot, and an aversion to bike racers has arisen there. Sometimes I can understand it: amateur riders with beer bellies ride up the Cauberg thinking that it's the World Championships.'

Many people may think that Honig is being self-serving when he says that professional riders deserve protection, but not amateurs with beer bellies. He went on to say, 'Still, I'm more and more worried that I'll be run over. Wout and I both have bicycle bells, but it's no use if you're run over from behind by someone who is messing around with a CD or something similar.' 

VZT De Kwakel have their premises on Poelweg.

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